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TR Bloomies exclusive jeans!!

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So I went to Bloomies today and they had the cutest TR exclusives today. They were just made for bloomies. I took a pic in the dressing room so here it is:

They also had one for guys too that was really cool. Didn't take a pic but it was a joey with an embroidered design on the back right pocket of a japanese guy in a kimono doing something or other, sorry I didn't take a pic.
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Re: TR Bloomies exclusive jeans!!

cool! thanks for sharing!
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Yeah, those look nice!
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I like the fact that you were sneaking pictures in the dressing room to share online. You're such a nerd!
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well thanks MEOW!! Alot of stores won't let you take pictures, for some lame reason but I wanted to post these as I thought they were really cute! EXPENSIVE but cute!!
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not a nerd...but a sweetheart. thanks for sharing. those are cute but $300 is waaay too expensive!
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Originally Posted by sweetstar
not a nerd...but a sweetheart. thanks for sharing. those are cute but $300 is waaay too expensive!
its cool to be a nerd.
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Uhoh someone watermark those pics! Bet they'll be faked soon.
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someone pm admin or blm14 to edit mrsbeckham's post to remove those pics
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pics were deleted from imageshack. thanks for the watermarks!
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Ok, finally got my size in these and they are so cute on. PLEASE NOTE: THESE ARE RUNNING SMALL!! Ok I also got a pic of the guys exclusives but the pic is kinda crappy as I didn't have my digital just my camera phone. So here you go!

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Oh so you didn't get the first design; I didn't realize they made more! Those are so cool! Love the wash color too! Are they all cotton?
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Sorry should have clarified. I got the ones with the butterfly - girls. The second pic- the crappy one- is the guys exclusive! Oh and yes all cotton.
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Oh I see, those are the guys. Love them!
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girls wash is med hand sand and retails $297
guys wash is mudwaters and retails $316
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i THINK they have been sent ot other stores-There is a store near my house called 'Men's Land' and they sales guy showed me this last month. I think their price was 250 something, I gotta go back and check the guy gives me discounts
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I think those are different ones you are thinking of. There is another one similar to this one for less.
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Those are from the new spring line!! I knew those looked familiar so I checked the line sheet, and that's the new "beautiful butterfly" one. I guess Bloomie's just got it early. Other stores carrying True Religion (like small boutiques and stuff) can order that style for January, February, or March deliveries.

The wash you bought is called Easy Rider, I believe. It's a clean (no major distressing holes) wash right? There will be three washes with this embroidery --- bleached ($297 retail), easy rider ($297 retail --- that's how I knew) and cowgirl destroyed ($319 retail).

It looks really cute on! And the guy's one looks pretty cool too.
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Oh I didn't see that post about the washes. Oops! I guess Bloomie's has it exclusive in those washes. The other three are for winter/spring, I suppose.
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ohhh the bleach would be pretty!!
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Nice Tr's! I will have to get to Bloomies
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jeanie where do you live??
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in So CAL, the only stores that have these right now in stock are Century City and Bev Hills stores. RIght now they are 15% off too, so get in there ASAP if you want them!!
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I live in IL, about 2 hours from Chicago but I go there to shop a lot. I'll call first. Thanks for the advice!
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