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authenticate LV pls

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i'm kind of iffy because they didnt post any pics of the heat stamp and its located in thailand, auction ending soon so i might not be able to get pics of the heat stamp in time. Any help would be great!

thanks !
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Can't tell if it is the light, but the leather looks too pale and the stitching a weird yellow tone and I thought the inside of the leather side is red?

She also sold the same mono speedy 30cm 3 times in a row all for under $300. Not a good sign.
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thanks a lot liz!!
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i compared it to the one i have..the inside looks good to me..except on the gold button..mine doesnt have the SP # im not too sure about the rest..it looks similar..but as liz said...she sold 3 for under 300$..its fishy
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auctions ended already, but the price is kind of too good to be true. thanks girls =) kwongerz how much did you purchase yours for?
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I believe retail is about $600+tax.
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thx liz!
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I am no expert but I say Fake due to the bottom being all rinkled up looking like that...
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mines a speedy 25 and i paid 595 u.s. + tax. i had to buy it in the us because it was sold out in canada . Also, the bottom is supposed to be like that when its new..they fold up the speedies..it took me awhile to get the folded part out. hope it helps!
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^^ Kwongers I got mine in the states too!! For a speedy 30 it is $620. To me this look real.... but check on tpf next time. Alll the best on your search!
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