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anyone else crazy about watches? ... my newest puchase

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ok I know that this is the handbag and shoes section, but it's the closest thing here to "accessories" and I had to share since I am so excited.

I love watches, but try to restrain myself so when I buy a new one I try to wait a couple of years before buying another one. This is my newest purchase. It's a Concord 18 karat white gold and diamond watch. What do you think? I know I have a small wrist so it looks bulky but I kind of like it that way. Lol- I e-mailed a pic to my mom and she thinks it's hideous.

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pimp! I think it's actually pretty cool...
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OMG!! that is BREATHTAKING. It doesnt look bulky at all, I actually think it looks perfect on your wrist!!

And your ring... *DROOL*
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I like watches, but my wrists are puny. I would love an Hermes Kelly watch someday *sigh*
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I know this is silly but I hate watches. I hate knowing what time it is because I am almost always looking at the clock even at work waiting to go home I hate knowing theres someplace I have to be in an hour or 3 hours etc....
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Edit---No selling outside of Honest Mall
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thanks everyone. I am going to try to be super careful not to bang it around though since I tend to scratch up my stainless steel ones and I'm sure this one will scratch up easily since gold is so soft.
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that watch is beautiful in every sense of the word. that must've cost a pretty penny. congrats!
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wow that is soooo pretty!!
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I happen to love watches. Here's a picture of one of mine, a Rolex Datejust. I usually wear either a Rolex Datejust, Rolex presidential, or a Panerai.

I'll post pictures of some others later, at the moment I'm trying to reorganize my collection to make room for a very unique piece, a WWII Rolex/Panerai made for the Italian Navy. I'm currently debating selling the pictured watch. If I sell it, I'll post it in the Accessories section.
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I love watches too. That one is very pretty! Although I only have 2. My first was an Omega mini constellation and my husband also just bought me a Concord. Although mine is not 18kt!! It's this one. I just wanted something with a little bling.

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thanks everyone!

rolex1- very nice watch.

lol- maylin9, we must be watch twins. The one in my avatar pic is my omega mini constellation. It's the Cindy Crawford polished stainless steel one with a diamond bezel and mother of pearl face. Your new watch is beautiful.
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smalls, that really is a *gorgeous* watch!! I'm not into wearing watches, but one like your could change my mind!!
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i don't think that the watch is too big for your wrist. i think it is just fine and it blows me away to see it. it looks stunning and it's so classy too. well, since it's 18k you could always get it re-dipped and repolished or what not. i'm sure you'll be extra careful but enjoy it while you have it and put those worries aside sometimes because it's hard to enjoy when you're worrying
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