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Hermes---Some FAQ and post your own questions

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I have been getting a lot of the same questions on Hermes lately so I thought it was time for a thread.

1) Is this Birkin/Kelly/Other Hermes item authentic on Ebay?

Look at the seller FB, low FB is a BIG No-No! Cannot stress that enough when you are buying such expensive items since it puts you at a HUGE risk for fraud. Check the pricing, does it look too good to be true? It probably is. Be familiar with retail pricing. Also, I HATE when the seller cannot even name the style, leather, color, etc, names. You paid $$$$ and you do not even know the name? I doubt it.

Purse Forum has a wonder reference thread here:
Herm├Ęs Reference Library - The Purse Forum

Quick ref:

Most wallets retail $1700-$3000+
Kelly $5000+ 25, 28, 32, and 35 cm (mini 15 and 20 available)
Birkin $6000+, sizes 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45cm
Haut au Courrois $6000+, sizes 28, 32, 45

2)Can I buy a Birkin at the Hermes shop?

Do you shop there frequently and have an established relationship with an SA? Are you on a waiting list? Were you offered an SO? No to the above? Then you chances are slim. The waiting list is anywhere 1-5 years with the average being about 3 years wait.

You can buy one in an Hermes store if you're lucky enough to see one on shelf (rarely happens). Also, if you shop there frequently and build up a relationship with an SA, they will let you know if they have a Birkin in the back and offer it to you or maybe offer you a Special Order for the next podium.

There is also Ebay, but there are tons of fakes out there. Also, the resellers hike up the price drastically. A brand new Birkin that is $7200 in store will be $10,000+ on Ebay. Sometimes you can find ones below retail because someone bought one on impulse and changed there mind or need money to fund new bags. I've seen tons of people buy a bag and sell it within 1-3 months and only used it a handful of times (I know I get bored of a lot of my bags really fast).

3)Where can I buy a Birkin?

Aside from an Hermes shop, there are resellers and consignment shops. I would only trust established and reputables ones. Please be aware there is a mark up in price. A new bag will be marked up to $10,000-$14,000 on average and a used one will be about $7000-$9000. I have seen VERY beat up Birkins still go for over $3000-4000 so do not think there are very good deals and steals out on Ebay.

4) Why do I need to be on a wait list or why is it so hard to get a Birkin?

Hermes uses the top 2% finest quality leather at the tannery and so through simple supply and demand analysis, there is just not enough Birkins to go around. Other brands such as Louis Vuitton often had it's main bag, Speedy, in stock for you to waltz in and buy and so a lot of buyers are baffled by why you cannot just buy a Birkin, now you know.

5) How do I buy a Birkin?

First rule---DO NOT JUST CALL/WALK IN AND ASK FOR A BIRKIN!!! About 99.9% of the time unless you are a VIP or a frequent customer, the answer will be a flat out "NO!" In some very touristy areas such as Hawaii or the flagship store at 24, rue du Faubourg-St.-Honore in Paris (Most likely to have one when you walk in) are your best bets. Las Vegas is touristy but they like to save their Birkins for VIP Celebs.

Instead, shop there frequently and buy small gifts. An agenda here, a twilly there (can decorate you bag later), cadena, key ring/purse charm, perfume, etc...Then during one of your regular visits, ask to see the leatherbook and discuss with your SA your ideal bag, size, color, etc....and ask if you could be put on a list of notified if one comes in.

6) Hermes has other bags???

Yes! Lots of of other BEAUTIFUL bags! *Gasp* OK, that is over-dramatic of me but a lot of people can only even name the Birkin as an Hermes bag and nothing else.

Other popular styles:
Kelly---Made famous by Princess Grace Kelly and the quintessential Hermes bag
Bolide---Be part of history, first handbag in history to have a zipper!
Evelyn---Based on the bag worn by stable boys to carry the grooming equipment for horses
Picotin--- Designed after the feedbag for horses. The handles were meant to be looped around the horse's ears.
Garden Party---Based on a gardener's bag, which was used to carry gardening tools.
Plume---Translates into feather. Based on the bag used to carry blankets.
Constance---Named after the designer's daughter
Trim---Another popular one, unsure of the history though
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Great write up liz!

I LOVE Hermes, but WAY too expensive for my taste, although I do own three hermes ties, but those are fairly inexpensive.
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