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Here it is TR FALL/WINTER 07 COLLECTION - Page 2

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I think the bigger-than-the-pocket-itself horseshoes are what's hurting them the most.

looks like something in the juniors section at kohls or sears in 1996.
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if i have to choose one, i'll take sidney. but honestly? i rather spend my money elsewhere..
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I don't like any of those. Hopefully the rest of the collection will be better than that! I like the new tags though. Change is (usually) good.
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loveeee the skirt!!!
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yeah i kinda like the skirt too

but it's too short for me
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First jeans: What the hell? That distressing looks god-awful to me. It looks so utterly unrealistic and it is too light for such dark jeans. The back-pocket flap is off-mark, which is just a retarded thing to do. Why is there only one of them anyways? The stitches on the tag come out from the sides, which makes it look retarded. Such jeans are ones that only those who like to get the latest would buy, regardless of how horrific they are.

Second jeans: The distressing looks better on these, but that is all. In the first picture, why can you see fabric on the sides of the side seams? Disgusting! The left flap and the right patch make the butt look like there is a retarded guy's face on it with a lazy eye or something. The patch itself is Wrangler-esque. The rips belong to an eight-graders' jeans, and the horseshoe shape is as worse as it's ever been.

Third jeans: Less fabric, less complaints. The backpockets are coming off the skirt, which is really weird. You'll have guys noticing that more than your butt. Once again, that stupid patch just kills it. Stick to the original one for Christs' sakes!
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Originally Posted by *heather* View Post
Gosh. I am just so disappointed. All I really wanted them to do was make a few more rainbows...
me too

and yuck, yuck, yuck. those are disgusting!
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seriously, if i haven't seen this thread, i would think someone is wearing fakes when they have those on :\. don't like it at all.
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the skirt is tolerable... but .... yea not liking these styles
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classy? or TRASHY?

i think only R&R girls would know this one...
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yuck these styles are HIDEOUS
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Ugh; I think I will have nightmares now.
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I love them - I tried these on today
Women's 'Ella' Heritage Big T - Chalk Wash - True Religion Brand Jeans

and I am so ready to buy a pair - I think they are really flattering in real life. If the store had had my size I would have bought them retail!
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The only thing the Ella Big T is missing is the ever so popular chick mullet
I agree w/ diesele4life99 on the second pair
and...you know your skirt is too small when the pockets won't even fit on it!
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holy crap wth happened to TR..........
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not liking any of those at all.
They all look sloppily done imo
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none of these appeal to me
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Wow. Those are fugly. I'll stick to the "old" style. Pshhhhhh.
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Originally Posted by dieselsmomma View Post
omg. I love the cuts of both. THey both look awsome from the front. and then you see the back and I get I thought I hated the patches...what the hell is going on with those pockets!!! I swore off R&R because of the ripping issues, what am I going to turn too now
Hi from Germany....

The new style shocked me too.....it´s like they wanted to make the new look very "hip" and extraordinary.....and ....failed!.....There was someone a bit overambitioned, I guess....

Glad, that I bought so many Billys and ("oldfashioned" because of bootcut style) Joeys in the past...
Another alternative (at least for me!), to answer your question dieselsmomma, is 575 denim.....it makes my butt look like an apple....similar to the Billy/Joey style....but without flap-pockets.....
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wtf happened
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I saw a guy wearing some jeans with one flap pocket on one side and the other a regular pocket. I tried to figure out what brand it is but I couldn't tell. However, those particular jeans look super cool on that guy and I actually want to find out if they make women's. I think it's a combination of the wash, the type of denim (dark with little distressing) and the craftsmenship that makes them so much cooler than these TR's.
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ew. these are not cute!
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..i like the skirt!!
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i think the skirt is pretty cute. not too fond of the other 2 though... the first one i originally thought was for men
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they ruined tr! they lost all flattery to the female curve! these look like crappy style mens jeans, and the skirt is too much! im so disappointed in tr lately, right when a new store is opening near me.
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