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Stopping arthritis before it starts....

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...any tips?

The women in my family get bad arthritis as the age...and the unhealthy women in my family tend to live to their late 70s. The healthy ones till their 90s! Not looking forward to being old and arthritic. Anything I can do now to stop the inevitable?
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Don't take commercial vitamins, do a kidney cleanse every year. Don't load up on Dairy for your protein. That will put it off for YEARS after menopause.
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Mmmm...I'll have to look into the kidney cleanse. Kinda thinking about doing a 10 day MC in the near future...so I might tack the kidney cleanse on as well. Do you think it makes sense before or after?

I don't take commercial vitamins and I don't drink milk. My only dairy really comes from cheese, yogurt and ice cream...and those are not everyday things. The only dairy in my fridge at the moment is a tub of plain yogurt

I'm also hoping for better drugs by the time I am in my 70s. Or maybe a robot that can do all the work for me just from my brainwaves
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glucosomeene and condrotin "sp" i dunno, dogs use it for joints
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During a master is fine for a kidney cleanse. It's an added kick. I would also add a chlorella, or some sort of green food to your master as well, spirulina or chlorophyl, wheatgrass juice something. The added heavy metal detox will make you absolutely ZING. Dont go for any set length of time. On a fast you always stop on a high not on a low so start then just stop when you feel really good. Otherwise you stop on the low and that is in the middle of a healing crisis and whatever the body is working on isn't fully healed or detoxed.

Arthritus is calcium and hard mineral deposts in the joints. Any vitamin that isn't whole foods(meaning it contains all substances needed to assimialte the vitamin) will cause deposits. They will also leach the co-factors from your body causing other deficiencies. The kidneys are largely responsible for removing these deposits, disease kidneys don't filter properly, deposits settle in the bones and joints. We actually have TOO much calcium in our bodies and not the minerals and co-factors we need to actually assimialte the calcium so you want to make sure you are getting enough silica(or selenium I can't recall right now exactly which one) but you can accomplish that with horsetail grass tea, which is surprisingly sweet. You can aslo grow the horsetail grass and chew it. Works just as good and equally as sweet. This will also help with your family members sufering from arthritus as will distilled water but not hte kind you buy, the kind you make with the cheap $100 counter top distillers. Distilled water leaches minerals from the body, add some lemon to the water to reminerlaize and have your family drink it, cook wiht it, make tea with it instead of bottled or tap. It will go a LONG way towards relieving stiff joints some have evn said cure but I would never say that.

Also stop the coffee. Coffee is a major contributor to deposits in the kidneys and thus the joints.
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Great info! What did I ever do without you, Michelle?

I agree wholeheartedly about not stopping on a bad detox day..uhg. I can't imagine. From my previous MCs, I am usually flying by 10. But who knows with the added cleanses...It is just so hard to schedule around social obligations where people don't expect sober, healthy, water-drinking Casey.

Can def. get started on the tea (love tea) right away. The distiller I will need to save up for. But I am going to tell my parents to get one (they don't have to save up, lucky bastards ). I know my mom is starting to worry about hers.
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Interesting information poorpoohbaby, just a fountain of knowledge you are!

Some good tips to pass on to some of my family members too.
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No problem, I am earning my jeans, that is for sure! LOL

I am a wealthy of info like that. I just wish I followed it all myself. But the teas are great. Casey a general good tea for an all over benefit is PauD'arco. It is NOT tastey at all, but it has anti-cancer properties, balances bacteria in the body and helps control yeast and fungus. I used it for yeast about a year ago and it helped a lot. I am just reading some information about hormones and such and PauD'Arco is one of the herbs recommended. So I am guessing it has glandular benefits as well.

Do you do distilled water for your masters? You father does the Master too right? I figured you knew about not stopping. You are my Master Cleanse hero. I fail miserably fasting. But I think when my kids are older I will do really well with it. It is just too hard to be cutting up nice juicy fruit and not eating it. I do fast when I get sick though. But that is easy.

There is this guy on Curezone in one forum I like to go to that did a Master and the extendedit for 108 days. He HAD cancer I beliewve or some major illness that prompted the fast. His results are remarkable. He kept a daily journal and if I can find it I will pass it along to you. The man was out chopping wood on like day 80 not even breaking a sweat. He only lost 40 pounds and he was a big guy but after like day 15-20 the weight loss leveled off. I thought that was a really interesting point. But he added in vegetable juices at that point I think. Just goes to show you what veggeis and fruits can do.

Let me know how it goes for you. I'd love to hear your results!
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I started taking glucosamine for joints. They say you need to take it for 3 months to see results, it's only been a month for me (not constant either). I'm not sure if it's a coincidence or not but they days I actually take it I feel like my knees aren't as stiff and they move easier (just had knee surgery).
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