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Powder Foundations

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I have been using the Clinique Perfectly Real for a few months now but it seems a little on the dry side for me. I like powder foundations because they aren't too heavy and they are easy to apply. Does anyone have any other suggestions for better powder foundations? This one gives me the right amount of coverage but just seems a little dry.
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i don't wear foundation but I hear that mineral makeup is a good option for foundation wearers. You might want to try Bare Minerals, Lumiere, or Everyday Minerals. You can get free samples (just pay S&H) from EM to figure out what shade you should use. You can also (I *think*) get samples from Lumiere. I have used BM's blush and I really like it... they have gotten great reviews on here. I have also tried EM's powder - it is pretty nice as well.

Hope this helps.
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Yep, Bare minerals powder foundation is great. Not dry. The kabuki brush it comes with is great for application, too!
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i love bare minerals also, but i think loose powder is a bitch to apply.. if you want a compact, try MAC studiofix
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I love powder foundations as well. Chanel is my favorite, Double Perfection, but Clarins and Stila's illuminating powder foundation are just as good.

A lot of people like MAC's but I found it too drying.
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I like Bare Minerals also, but it is tricky to apply. Not too drying, not too greasy.
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i also suggest bare minerals.

i always had a problem w/ dry skin if i used powder makeup and it wouldn't sit on my skin well, but bare minerals is amazing - buy the starter kit it's a great deal and you get the brushes you need to use with it as well.
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