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If you had to pick 1, which 1?

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I want a pair of Joeys but can afford only one pair right now. Please help me decide! TIA : )

Dark Pony Express?


Dark Vintage?
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dark vintage
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dark pony
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why not both?!

I like the dark vintage.
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You really can't go wrong with either. You can probably get more wear out of the dark pony since there isn't distressing...
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Dark Pony.
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dark wintage!!
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Dark Pony
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dark pony fo sho
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dark pony
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i don't know what dark pony looks like in real life,
but i just got a pair of bobby's in dark vintage
and the wash is GORGEOUS!!

maybe just pick one now, and when u have enough
get the other pair
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i heart my dark vintage joeys but i've always wanted a dark pony wash too

...wow that was absolutely no help...but you really can't go wrong with either imo!
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if your style is more clean looking I'd go with Dark Pony. Otherwise Dark Vintage I think looks a ton better!
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i have both...but i DO prefer dark pony more
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Dark Vintage!!!
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