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Lemmen 70U?

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I wanna know if Lemmen 70U is still released, i don't think so but i have seen it only 2-3 times on shop and never on e-bay :/

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I remember someone ever posted pics but never heard of anything about these, I like the wash
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It's look like wash 772.
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try ebay i think there was a pair up last week in a 28x30 or 32 i cant remember.
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These bad boys are on my wishlist
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Nobody get one?

i've seen one in size 27 on e-bay grr!
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They've been out of diesel stores for some time. I dont think they were that popular
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We had these but only in one size run and that was it. They sold like hot cakes, and pretty soon after they arrived they were RTW (returned to the warehouse). Not exactly too sure as to why, I'm 50/50 assuming either they wanted these to be rare, or at least for the other stores they weren't selling well at all.

70U is an AWESOME wash, its literally a stretch 772 and has a lot more contrasting.

Expect a heavy price tag on these though, they retailed for 270-280.
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they look hot, did u get from ebay?
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70U is amazing!
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Lemmen = awesome.

a sized down Lemmen is like a Farco with a slightly larger leg opening.

I want an 87J in 29x32 soooo bad...but Ill keep my eyes open for this one too
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I'm still want this pair!!

To_O Hot!
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They had very limited distribution. Good luck in finding one.
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Also if you run across a pair in a 32 (maybe even 31) x 32 I'd appreciate a PM
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one size off...they have a 28x32, but I would have needed a 29x32...
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There was a s27/32.
I have just buy it!
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props ^
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man i feel stupid for not buying these when i had the chance

at the time, i wouldve thrown up if i bought another pair of blue jeans
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the guy in prison break was wearing these
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