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I know this may be an odd question but
does anyone remember nik from ANTM season 5? she was a finalist the last to be voted off... well any way in the very beginning during auditions she always wore this fauxhawk but she had really long hair at least shoulder length.

and my question is... does anyone know how you'd go about doing that to your hair w/out u know cutting it all off. She had the sides flattend and everything pulled to the middle.

does anyone know where i could learn to do this?
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couldn't find pics of it but you just need really good hair product. one of my friends has layered chin length hair or so and he uses redken wax. i have the same stuff but i don't know how to get the same result lol.
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huh i'll look into buying myself some!
i def wanna try it just for something different once in a while!

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i know some men use glue (as in elmers glue) to spike their hair up in the middle. it works though i dont know how much damage it does.
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