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LV Authenticity Check

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What is your opinion on guys with LV? I plan on using this as a wallet when I go bar hopping.

eBay: Louis Vuitton Pocket Organizer (item 220117149342 end time Jun-05-07 17:22:09 PDT)

Thanks for the help!
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Horrible photos, blurry and does not even show the date stamp. It is fake IMO.

Also, low feedback and he sold this exact same wallet here:
eBay: Louis Vuitton Pocket Organizer (item 220113170056 end time May-23-07 19:19:29 PDT)
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yeah....it looks kinda off to me too...if the seller wants to take a clear good shot, i'm sure they could
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Those sellers are LAME

1) I don't trust this one. Looks like stock photos, and notice how the photos are tiny when you click on it and they have been cropped? Pics are likely to be stolen if they are tiny like that.

2) Come on!! You need more than just ONE photo if you even want to sell a Louis Vuitton item. Especially when you're not even an established seller!
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