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i went lighter... again

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i just got my hair highlighted tonight...i decided to go lighter than last time.

way before:
<----see avy



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I really like it it's very pretty!
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OOOOOO I LOVE IT!!!!!! You are so pretty it's ridiculous!
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love the color!
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I think that color really suits you. The lighter tone is also great for summer.

I know how it feels to make a big change - I personally just chopped my hair off. WAAAY short, shorter than I've ever gone or thought I'd go. There's pics of my new 'do on my flickr page if anyone is interested.
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It's gorgeous before and after!
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Oooo stunning as always lauriebell, absolutely beautiful.
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pretty! I liked the before color too!
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I like both, they both look great on you imo The lighter is nice for the summer!
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I love it! You are so pretty!
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I like it, but i like the darker better
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Laurie, you already knew this but you're so freakin' cute it's sick I really love the new color and I think it's perfect for the upcoming summer!
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wow that's a great colour on you!
you look so cute!!
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i looooooooooove it laurie!!!!!!!! i soo want to get mine done now!
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Very cute both ways! I think the lighter looks great for summer, and then you can go back to darker if you want to in fall.
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Laurie, both colors are beautiful. You have a good eye!
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I love the before and after.
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laurie i love it! it looks beautiful lighter and its so shiny, i wish my hair would shine and look nice, instead its really bad.
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i REALLY like it!
they did an awesome highlighting job... looks really natural.
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Originally Posted by Isolde View Post
Very cute both ways! I think the lighter looks great for summer, and then you can go back to darker if you want to in fall.

I agree. Both look really great on you!! Keep it lighter for summer and then maybe go back to darker in the fall or winter. Or keep it light, you look hot!!

You do look great either way though.
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I like it ... I was thinking about going lighter, too ...
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it looks good either way!!
but i LOVEE the new hair color!
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Laurie ~ both colors look great
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I love it. It looks great!
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iam thinking to change the color of my hair,, its natural black,, hahahha i like your hair,, any treatment uve gone??? if you dont mind,, i like your hair...
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