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Mens SFAM- a little help?

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Hi everyone- I finally got my bf to try on some premium denim, and he loved it! lol
(The A pockets in Barbados were his favorite.)

Can anyone reccomend a good ebay seller for men's SFAM or an online store where I can use a coupon code? I mean, i'll buy them retail if i absolutely have to, but i'd rather not.

Thanks! Kate
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Have you tried HM? Sometimes there's really good deals. Also try revolve, there's a coupon starting on June 1 for 25% off, check in the coupon section for code!
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I have looked in the HM, but he's a skinny one, size 31 is the largest he can go, and it seems like all the ones for sale are at least a 32. I'll keep my eyes peeled, and check Revolve again (they were also out of his size!)
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[Mod Edit - No selling outside of HM]
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