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List the bags you love!

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Here is the list, now fill it out

Bottega Veneta
Dooney & Burke
Juicy Couture
Louis Vuitton
Marc Jacobs
Miu Miu
Yve Saint Laurent

*Let me know if I missed something and need to add it.
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Burberry--I'm more into their scarves than bags, but I love my little Ostrich bag

Bottega Veneta--Impressed with intricate details, like most of the woven styles

Chanel--2.55 (flap bags) and some of the big totes. The Cambon looks cute but ultimately seems cheap compared to the craftsmanship of their other bags.

Chloe--I like the padlock idea, but just too heavy.

Coach--the mini skinny are useful and their ballet slippers are said to be very comfy.

Dior--Ballet/Corset bags, Dior Girly (but I don't see myself carrying this one)

DKNY---Not a fan

Dooney & Burke---Not a fan

Fendi--I like the creative concept of the Spy but was sad to find out the clasp falls open easily.

Gucci--Dragon bag, totes with scarves (I am a sucker for bags with scarves on them)


Juicy Couture--Quilted leather bags like the one Melody has. Sooooo soft!

Kooba---Not a fan

Longchamp--Pliages, I use it to store my handbags for travel

Louis Vuitton--The Stephen bag (matte embossed leather, wish they could ditch the black patent leather patches) and the Textile Globe Shopper.

Marc Jacobs--The Stam is cute, I just wish the leather felt pillowy soft instead of hard.

Miu Miu--Coffer

Prada--Not into their bags, love their boots though

Yve Saint Laurent-- Not into their bags, love their purple waterproof mascara.
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The Bags I love

CHANEL - Cabas, modern, flap, luxe

DIOR - Every single one (Liz, I recently purchased a black corset bag - OMG, just beautiful...the details are amazing and the quality!)

CHLOE - Paddy's are beautiful, but the weight - no way. I'll take the Edith...clean lines, yet casual

GUCCI - Britt, Bouvier

LV - I know, send me hate email on this one but I'm not a fan at all; however, the history is fascinating

PRADA - Never was a fan

BALENCIAGA - Beautiful leather and unique colors
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PS Great thread BTW
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