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How to clean Smelly Sperry Top Siders??

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Ok really random question. I have these Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original (Brown/Tan/Beige) - Sperry Top-Sider Mens Footwear shoes, and they are sweet. So I have been wearing them for about 1-2 months, with no socks. So, my feet sweat with this hot weather, so my shoes smell like ass. My question to you, Honestforum.com, is, how should I clean these to get rid of this awful smell? I'm not talking about the outside, im talking about the inside. I do use this powder stuff which eats the smell for a few days, but it just isn't cutting it. I want to clean these in the sick or something. Any suggestions??

For the record, I do not have abnormally smelly feet or anything. If anyone wears leather boat shoes for a month or so with no socks, no matter how un-smelly your feet are, those shoes are going to stink. Thanks!
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I've been wearing mine religiously for about a year and they smell slightly.... but not so bad that I would describe it as "awful"

try odor eaters every night? Do you actually use them for sailing/boating?
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Hmm thats weird. I never really had problems with smelly feet in any of my other shoes that I wear with socks. Do you wear socks? I dont really use them for boating completely, but I have gone fishing a few times which has been on docks and what not, and I have unexpectedly gone on small hikes and climbs with them.
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so I'm looking at my pair... which I've had for 2 years [I bought them the same summer I started dating my bf... which was 2 years ago... anyways...]

they smell... cause all shoes smell, but it doesn't make me cringe.

what sort of soap are you using? I don't wear them with socks and I wore them in the water for exactly 2.5 seconds

so try odor eaters at night every night, let me know of your results

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Leave a strong dryer sheet in there for a few days.
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Heres what I have learned. For the OUTSIDE~~ 1sr clean w cloth and a dop or 2 of dishsoap. 2nd~~ Finernail polish remover for any left marks on outside. 3rd~~ Stuff with crumpled up newspaper and leave overnight. This drys the shoe and aids w Smell removal. By next morning should be odor-free. And for deep smell place shoes in Ziploc baggie and place in freezer and leave overnight. By morning nO SMELL. Odor is from bacteria that your shoes develop due to sweat, its the bacteria that smells like "ass.' hahaa!!  Hope this is helpful~ my son had the same trouble as do all men and boat shoes aka topsiders!!

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