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grr i hate cats they're so evil

dogs are cooler=)
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My maine coon, suzuki:

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Well, she doesnt usually eat them - only a few times have I seen her actually eat them. But usually a few times a week we have a bird/mouse/rate/rabbit laying at the backdoor when we open it up in the morning. Our cat takes pride in them I think ... like... she is feeding the family. The picture with the bottom half a rabbit, she brought and layed it down in front of me and looked up, as if to expect that I finnish the rest. I just picked it up and walked inside - then outside another door and tossed it into the dumpster so she thought I was gonna keep it.

She has brought a few full-size rabbits back. Lots of birds though - I dunno how, but she gets lots and lots of birds.
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Originally Posted by NYC EXCLUSIVE SHOP View Post
No way i am on exit 7 Belt prkw thats funny small world nice to meet you buddy my name is EDDIE.
Oh you live on ocean pkwy? what street lol. nice to meet you too. sorry for threadjacking btw dieselgeek. haha.
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LOVE this thread, i keep wanting to quote everyone and say "your dog/cat/whatev is SOOOO CUUUTE!!!"

anyway, my main man billy jack ("beej")

he sleeps on my printer while i "work"

and watches the discovery channel

and thinks about snackin on my plants

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+ 1 for all the pets!!! great

pics everyone!!!

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+1 Yeah definatly i love this threat
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Meet Samson & Delilah...

Well, not quite my pet but I'm babysitting for my sis & mom.
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Just had to post.
Everyone has such cute pets...
Gotta love us pet lovers!!



This is Tonka (pug), Oreo (blue merle Border Collie) and Barney(black and white Border Collie).

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My kitten, Tosh. =)

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The first is Moutzie, the second is Max
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awww there's so many cute HF animals!!!
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this is Riley...

he was a baby here...

he has always liked shoes....

and he has expensive tastes.. especially when it come to louis vuitton naps...

hahaha and I swear he is not fat.. but he sleeps in some funny postions and looks huge

he is not crazy about me leaving for long trips...

but he can curl up and nap just about anywhere..

and now you see why he got his name.. "Living the Life of Riley" indeed.....

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Everyone has such cute pets!


Bowie and Daphne


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I love this pictures the cat looks so cute here.
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My dog Chelsea. She's 15 and spolied rotten!

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here are my funny snugglers. they're "twins" (littermates). we have momma but i don't have any pics of her... just the kids. they turned four on cinco de mayo....

me and scout... played dressup one morning

codi (L) and scout (R)

codi (L) and scout (R)

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aww your retrievers are soo cool! and cute. I always wanted one ever since Comet on Full House LOL. but they're way too big for any house that I've ever lived in lol.
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Awesome thread!!! I love seeing what kind of pets other ppl have.

Meet Zoe as a puppy:

Zoe as an adult:

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my head just self-imploded from cuteness overload
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Originally Posted by angelxplaya View Post
me playing with my brother's dog. The boring Bobo lol.
excuse the stupid sounds and words I say. I was trying to whisper bc my parents in the next room was sleeping lol.

love the pjs and the teddy bear bedsheets :P what kind of dog is he, so adorable!

here's kayjun! 1 year and 2 months old.
This is when he was a puppy

maybe 6 months old

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I want 57438975839 more dogs after looking at all of these pictures!
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Here's my Milou

Looking doped up lol

Bath Time

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Went to the park after work. Ola has a couple of friend Georgia ( great dane) and Angel ( boxer) They live in my building as well.

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Originally Posted by Quite_the_Guy View Post
Awesome thread!!! I love seeing what kind of pets other ppl have.

Meet Zoe as a puppy:

Zoe as an adult:

aaaghhhhh this dog is WAY TOO CUTE.
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