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TONS of new arrivals at LZ!!

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Manolos, Chanel, Hermes, Balenciaga, Gucci, Louboutins, Miu Miu, oh my!!

Somebody grab the 05 Black First for under $700 before I lose self control!!
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what is LZ?
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awesome site!

i'm a tad obsessed with this one:

LUXURY-SHOPS.COM - Gucci, Little Boston, Handbag

but i know i'll hardly ever (read: never) wear it.
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It's cute, I love Guccissima leather. If I were to get a Gucci bag to actually keep fr good, it would be one of those wide shoulder totes in Emerald Guccissima.

I love embossed leather =)
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Wow awesome site! Do you know if it's possible to request them to ship using a different method rather than Fed-Ex?
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I think they only use Fed Ex but it is included in the price
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thanks Liz!
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LMAO!! sounds like something I'd do!
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aren't they also known as 'luxury_zurich' on ebay??
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Yeah, but they post much more on their website

I love them.

The staff are super nice and shipping is FAST. I got my stuff in 3 days! And that was counting a Sunday too!
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do you think they have decent pricing, liz?
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Yep =)

Although the really good stuff are gone in a flash.
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