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*PICS!* Catalina A's! - Page 2

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looks great :O wow! How could I get them to Germany........
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Originally Posted by ttramell
They look so awesome I cant wait to get mine
Post pics when you do!
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Originally Posted by connster
I was just about to ask if they look like STT in person! The front pocket and button area especially reminds me of that wash...

btw, they fit you gorgeously! If I didn't already have STT, i'd be wanting those for the summer..

STT is more subdued grayish-blue whereas the CALs are very bright light blue.
Similar, but many shades difference in person. The CALs are the lightest/brightest jeans I have by far.

CAL also reminds me of COH Caribbean wash. The CAR wash is deeper though. (more similar to STT imo)
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Really pretty on you!
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You're looking great! I just love the color of the A's
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I love that wash and love the jeans on you!!!!
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