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Polos, I need more polos!

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I need some new polos for the summer.....I got Lacoste , Ralph Lauren, Polo, A & F......any other brands out there that are pretty good but are different?
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Penguin. Le Tigre.
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And by different you mean a different animal or object on your chest?
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I may be biased working there, but I really like Banana Republics new polos. They have a gazillion different versions in plain ones....different colors as well as blends like silk linen, cotton linen, etc. and in the Heritage line, they have little elephant logo ones. The prices are cheap compared to those other ones, too.

I also like Boss by Hugo Boss (orange label), Zegna Sport, and Burberry polos for men.
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Zoo York, I think makes Polos.
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I have one from Drifter that I really love.
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I like Burberry the most. =)
D&G has some nice polos, too!
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burberry, definitely.
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john varvatos
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How bout this Juicy it is $48.96 with code 3daysale @ Fashion designer jeans, shoes, boots, clothing at Berkstore.com
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I think he's a guy.
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RA-RE polo

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Evisu t-shirts are nice also
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Originally Posted by malves View Post
I think he's a guy.

yeah i am
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Depends on what you are planning to use it for, work or casual? For work i am currently using Hugo Boss, Lacoste and Penguin and for casual i got a few Ruehl 925 Polos

I am personally looking to get either Burberry or D&G but i do own 2 New Hugo Boss (Med) that i am looking to get rid of if you are you interested you can PM me.
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Fred Perry
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AA ?
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Originally Posted by mythek View Post
AA ?
Damnit you beat me to it.
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RL <3
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Why in the hell did you dig out a thread from 2007 to say that?
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polo man definitely polo... its the ultimate authentic wear..... and its pocket friendly as well....
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Ralph Lauren, Fred Perry, Energie
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