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Black gold

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Ahhhh....I just came back from the LV store...saw a le talentueux and got it in black w/ gold hardwear~ kinda an impulse buy.

Gonna post pics soon...so excited.
I love the Suhali line for its timeless elegance and classiness! I was looking at the le fabuleux, which is absolutely stunning..but this is my second LV bag...so I thought baby steps...maybe next time =P.
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you tease!!!!!! post the pics!!! the letal is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!
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Fine fine....I'll tease no longer...

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Cute, I like the structured look. Is it suhali leather?
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^ that is indeed suhali.

i LOVE this bag... congrats! i'm hoping to get it in white someday... *sigh*
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wow! what a beautiful bag! congrats!
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Wow that is not baby steps..That a huge leap!! Congrats!!
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I want a Le Fab some day =)
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