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eBay seller stonechateau

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I don't remember in which section of this forum but there was a discussion about stonechateau selling authentic stuff or not. Today I've got 7FAM Flynt St Tropez wash from him and they are perfect and authentic. I can post pics tomorrow if someone is interested.
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How was stonechateau's service? Did he reply to your emails in a timely manner and did he ship them in a timely manner as well? Thank you
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Why is his feedback private? I always get a bad feeling from sellers with private feedback.
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yeah...me too I hardly ever buy from buyers that have private feedback...to me its a red flag??
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Well, when I bought the jeans from him the feedback wasn't private. I have no idea why the feedback was changed into private. I usually don't buy anything from sellers with priate feedback, too.

TThe seller was very friendly, even gave me a discount on shipping, replied to all my emails very fast and shipped the item out very soon. There's just nothing bad to say about him.
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well mabye sometimes they don't like a comment that was on their feedback and decided to make it private, so it won't scare of any potential buyers
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Thanks QT, how much of a discount did he offer on shipping? $12.95 for shipping pants is insane, I paid $5.00 on my last auction.
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I'm from Germany and usually shipping is much more and he gave me shipping for USD 12. The problem was that I was outbid when I first bid on the Flynt and I got a 2nd chance offer because the lady who bought them didn't like them and she returned them so I told him that shipping is too high so he gave me a discount because of the circumstances ...
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feedback is public again.
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Originally Posted by **qt*pie**
feedback is public again.
I've seen quite a few sellers do that--make their feedback private for a week or two, then open it back up. If it's a seller I've trusted in the past, I assume they're having an irritating problem with a buyer or seller, and just feel like privatizing their feedback for a little while, sort of like an animal hiding when it's wounded.
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Originally Posted by **qt*pie**
feedback is public again.
any new mutually withdrawn feedback?
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Someone left neutral with only the words "thank you" and stonechateau replied: "Is this the positive feedback you've promised me after I gave you the discount?" But this fb is from Sept. 9. Hmm.
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QT I go to Germany in Jan. If you need me to bring you some jeans from the states let me know and I'll mail them out to you from Ramstein(where I'll be)
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I am TICKED OFF. I bid on and won an auction from this seller for Joe's Jeans Honey in Harvey . . . and for $12.00 for shipping, I thought they'd be here sooner. Well, the jeans got here today . . . and I was sent the wrong ones! The auction clearly says 'Joe's Jeans Honey' and I was sent Socialite. I am so bummed out because I've been waiting to wear these all week. I messaged the seller and asked them if they would send the right pair or if they'd be refunding my payment and shipping . . . I hope they're cooperative.
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I have some questions about the problem I posted about above . . . if the seller does offer to send the right pair after I send the wrong ones back, I should ask to be refunded for the cost to ship the wrong pair back, right? Like I said earlier, I paid $12.00 for shipping, and they're not even the right jeans. It probably sounds like a dumb question, but I've never been in this situation before! I hope the seller e-mails me back soon.
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Crappy. Let us know how this turns out.
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Originally Posted by antik_freak
Crappy. Let us know how this turns out.
Thanks. I will.

Oh, and in the case that the seller doesn't respond . . . how long would y'all wait to file an 'item not as described' dispute?
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Now I'm livid. I got this message from the seller, stonechateau, this morning:

"Hi there,
Sorry, that's the only pair. If you believe they're
not the correct pair as listed, please send them back
and I'll issue you the full refund. Please keep in
mind, if you're wrong then you'll have to pay to have
them ship back. Below is the return address."



And these are the jeans I received!


I told them that I would immediately be shipping this incorrect pair of jeans back after taking pictures in case I needed to file an 'item not as described' dispute and I hope they would to the same with my payment, $12.00 for shipping, and return shipping costs.

How rude.
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I got this message in response.

"Is there anyway you can tell from the actual jeans
themself either they're the 'Honey' or 'Socialite'
beside the big white tag that's stabled to the jeans.
I've noticed there's a white tag that said the 'Honey'
on another pair of Joe's jeans which I believe is a
'Socialite'. So I think the jeans somehow got mixed up
with the wrong white tag. Please be sure to verify the
jeans before you send them back."

I told them that like with many other designer jeans, you can tell a lot of things by the inside tags on the jeans. The style number on the inside tags of the jeans, 37HV5410, is for JOE'S JEANS SOCIALITE IN HARVEY, just as the tags stapled to the waist say.

Then, I get an e-mail saying:

"Yes, it was my fault that the wrong tag was stabled to
the jeans. Anyways, if it make you feel better please
go ahead and ship them back and I'll issue you a full
refund+shipping fees. These jeans are currently retail
for $174 just so you know. Thanks and sorry for the

I told them again that THE WRONG TAG IS NOT STAPLED TO THE JEANS. Both tags correspond to what was sent, Socialites, not the Honeys listed in the auction. I also told them that I was an educated member of a premium denim forum and I am fully aware of the retail price of these jeans, but that doesn't change the fact that THESE WERE NOT THE JEANS PICTURED AND LISTED IN THE AUCTION and NOT WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR.

Le sigh.
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By the way . . . do y'all think I should go ahead and file an 'item not as described' dispute, or should I wait?
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I would wait, send the jeans back & see what happens. It sounds like they are kind of confused but admit their mistake and are willing to give you a full refund plus the shipping which is about all that you can ask for (besides the jeans that you wanted ).
Good luck!
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I just felt like they were making the assumption in the beginning that I was some idiot buyer until I explained to them that I most definitely know what I'm talking about. I'm shipping the jeans back, and I really hope everything turns out okay! *CROSSES FINGEERS*
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. . . And might I add, I can't find these jeans in my size anywhere right now for less than retail! I'm sooo sad that I didn't get the jeans pictured in the auction.
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