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fitting trouble?

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i tried on some roth fleur de lis in lead pink the other day but the rise is too high and gives me a huge gap at the bottom of my back, does this happen to anyone else? does anyone know if they do lead pink in jagger cut? because i love them so much. also is there low rise scorpions, the highest rise being 7.
also whats happend to HF its all different, i dont like it very much its scary.
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where did you try on the Lead Pink Fleurs? i want them so bad would even pay retail for them.
How much were they?
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oh and which size did you try on? are they true to size?
and yes - I don't like HF anymore, too, liked it more before ...
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It's scary because we don't have a banner, we don't have stickies, we don't have anything anymore...
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lots of work was put into hf and now it's gone
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i know..
there was a wealth of information in here from old threads. Now I can't perform searches...
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This is definately a little frustrating!
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Is Leici still the mod?
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i tried them on in Bath in a shop called annabelle harrison, i tried on size 36 and it fitted me fine so i would say they are true to size. its so annoying about the huge gap though, i wish they were a lower rise. do you think trying a 25 would help? or not?
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I think they make fleur de lis in roth AND jagger... so jagger should fit you better...
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but ive only seen the jagger fleur in brown an blue so do they do it in lead pink?
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