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Nike Shox, anyone know how to tell fake from authentic?

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i'm so freaked out by ebay these days because everything is so deceptively portrayed... and fakes are amazing these days... well the good fakes... are very close to the real thing... you can hardly tell holding them in your hands... denim or shoes or whatever else have you...

does anyone know how to spot fake shox... I still can't believe these are faked... but I guess just like the designer jean market... these shoes have such a HUGE profit margin (and sell for a relatively high price) that it's worth the trouble of these asian manufacturers to replicate them and resell.

here's an auction i'm looking at for turbo OZ shox http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...MEWA%3AIT&rd=1
hard to tell from the picture... but I'm not sure...

i still think my favourite fake i have ever run into are these rolex watches my dad got from a street vendor in china while he was there on business. he was like it was out of movie... the dude pops open his briefcase and sells my dad a bunch of rolexes at $10 a pop... i was like wtf? and so i did my research and discovered where and how i could identify them as fake, but when my dad took the watches to the rolex store in toronto... two of their salespeople that had worked at the store for over 8 years... were convinced they were real. that said... even though they are fake... they work on automatic mechanism... (eg there's a piece in the watch that winds up the mechanism as you move through the day... lots of companies advertise it as "kinetic" or something or other)... to be able to produce a watch that has a fully functioning automatic mechanism that keeps accurate time out even say stainless steel and gold plate it or whatever... forget all that CZ diamonds, gold coating, etc etc aside... just the mechanism to make it so that it keeps time... HAS to cost more than $10... for them to produce that and sell it for $10 and make some sort of profit... just blows my mind! you can't even get the dinkiest of shitty kid toy watches out of a cereal box for $10... what the hell? but i digress. /end rant.
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I don't know much about running shoes (as I only wear them at the gym) but I heard you could tell by the inner sole and bottom. I am not sure how though.

As far as the Rolexes, there are some high quality fake ones but the prices are much more than you might think. Those "high quality" can fool a lot of people. In the older days, I could easily tell a fake one if I had it in my hand but the newer fakes look very real even when you're holding them. They even come with very real looking Rolex box and certificate. It's scary, huh?
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verrrrry scary... makes you wonder what you're exactly paying for...

also... if someone can produce an equaly reliable/quality product and sell it to you for a lower price... why not?
my only issue with fakes really... is that the quality tends to lack... that's why i fear fakes... because i don't want to pay near the price of the authentic item for a fake of lower quality. but if the quality were identical i wouldn't mind.

until then... spotting fakes seems to be a much harder battle... sounds like a lot of sample sales and stuff are being flooded by fakes... feels like we're getting surrounded by them... it's retarded.

i just want a comfortable pair of shoes... for a reasonable price. is that so much to ask?
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Even though the quality of fakes have gotten so good these days, I still have this thing about wearing fake stuff. I would never feel comfortable. I would probably go for something with no name and cheap. I bought a pair of casual weekend shoes when I was in Hong Kong last year. I think I paid like $25 but they are the most comfortable ever and don't look cheap at all.
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yeah i know what you mean... and i agree...
just wish there wasn't so much shitty fake stuff out there trying to disguise itself as good quality authentic stuff.
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Ohhh, nike shox are amazing....
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Originally Posted by lauriebell
Ohhh, nike shox are amazing....
which style?
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Originally Posted by mit006
Originally Posted by lauriebell
Ohhh, nike shox are amazing....
which style?

I got a pair customized on nikeid.com last year... Back then you could only choose Men's or Women's and they only had one style each. I got the Men's because I don't like the 5 column style, so I opted for the 4 column.
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yeah i have a pair of R4's that I've had for like 3 years now... and they're starting to fall apart... but i love them so much...

i need to get a new pair... hopefully i can find some good sales... i'm going to avoid ebay just because every nike shox shoe i see on it seems fake to me.

any suggestions on which shox style to get?
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I don't know about Shox in particular and obviously you couldn't do this on ebay BUT my boyfriend knows a lot about shoes and he told me that cheaper sneakers (and fake ones) will have air blown soles, which are harder and wear down faster.
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I think nike shoes are hard to tell becauase, if you walk into any sports store and see where the shoes are made...they're made in china or philippines. Which are the locations that the fakes supposedly come from. Just because they come from asia doesnt mean they are necessarily fake.
However from my knowledge, they do sell different grades of the same shoe there. ie. Nike Shox A grade, B grade, etc.
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those are both very interesting points... I knew about the air blown... that usually occurs on cheaply made no-name sneakers... with shox there really isn't an area where you can do that... except for within the shock column i guess.

and i didn't know about different grade shox... possible they're selling lower grade shoes... and/or fakes on ebay...
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what is this world coming to...

in antoher thread they were talking about fake shampoo, seriously cmon, thats why i dont buy clohtes of ebay... its just not worth it, if these were fake and wore down faster you would have to buy a new pair sooner which would just cost more money, so why not just but a real pair and have the assurance that theyll last, ive had a pair of shox for over 2 years now and i have 2 pairs, theyre great... i just cant believe everything is getting faked...
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I read an article the other day about fake power cords and surge protecters! The counterfeiters fraudulently branded their stuff with the "UL" safety mark and when people used them they caused fires! The variety of fake things is insane. I would never have thought my surge protector could be fake of all things!

Anyway, I always by shox at a local store in my town. I would never trust ebay for them. I saw a thing on dateline about fake nikes and in China or wherever it was there was just warehouses and warehouses of them. It was enormous. Since the workers are making them there, people will take the real ones and make a mold of them to use for fakes! So yeah, look online for reputable retailers like foot locker or whatever your preference is and you will save money in the long run and your feet especially if you do a lot of running like I do!! They are great shoes.
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This is an old thread, but I'll revive it! I just got an awesome pair of REAL Nike Shox at Nordstrom Rack for $60 which I thought was very fair. I almost bought another pair for $130 at Nordstrom. So I think I did alright. But I'd agree, I don't think there's any authentic Shox on eBay hardly at all....Unless the style is so new, that the fakers haven't gotten to it yet. Makes me sick really....And I feel bad when I see people on the street wearing fake clothing....Unfortunate what the world is coming to. I'll stick with paying higher prices and getting decent merchandise.
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all i wear is nike shox to workout in. love em. just got a pair of shox nz reptile looking all black shoes and love em. as far as telling fakes. i usually find some local shop selling em cheap. got my last pair for 80. as far as ebay goes most overseas shox are fake. i bought 4 pairs overseas and have problems w/ all except for one.....size was off. the one pair i did't have prob w/ feel apart so stick to the usa for buying shox.
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One thing for avoiding buying fake Shox: try to avoid colourways that you don't see in stores here. A lot of times I go on eBay and see all these 'interesting' colourways that I've never seen locally (granted, we don't get too much in Canada compared to the US).

Anyway, another thing is, a lot of times, the zig zag Shox logo S is made to be a Z on fake Shox.

I have a couple pairs of TL's, Turbo's, Bella's, and Turb OZ's. If you're going to buy a pair like the TL, maybe have a look at the new AM 360's.
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I got my Shox Oz from a NIKE outlet for around $60. I originally wanted the TL2's (with shox in front & back) but the arch was painful & they were really weird on- just my opinion but they do look cool. The Oz's I got have the shox in the back only and are pretty comfortable. I only wear them for 'looks', I don't work out in them- I wonder how people can work out in them cause they are a bit heavy and unflexible. On the flipside, they definitely stabablize your foot. I am still stockpiling Prestos from a couple of years ago- those are my holy grail workout shoe! I think the new Nike Free's would be similar to the Prestos- I am thinking about getting a pair...
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HA! I need spellcheck! stabilize.
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There are few steps that u can take to verify that shox are real or fake 


1) Do some research ,check has nike even made that model of shox or not ( the one with dollar print and golden print are fake ).


2) check the supports ( the four balancing pillars at the rear of the shoe) if they are rubber type material they are real and if the are kind of hard to press they are probably fake ..


3) check the inside of the shoe if its nice and comfortable it real and if it kind of cheap leather its fake.


In the end i would like to show u images the show 2 pair of nike shox both worn for six months but one is fake and one is real 

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Cheap Nike Air Max - cheapnikeairtrainers.co.uk are all from China. Fake shoes, but very cheap price!

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