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Need a new hair cut what should i go for?

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So ive had the same style of hair cut for ages now, But im really bored of it, this is the most recent pic i have

I have tried a full fringe (or bangs i think you call it) before but its deffinately to heavy on my face, without any sort of hair around my face i look stupid. What should u go for? I deffinately want to keep the length as ive been growing it and i dont wanna change the hair colour yet.
Im really stuck for choices

My hair is naturaly wavy/curly when its wet but when it drys it goes all puffy so i normaly straighten it as i cant seem to wear the curls and my hair is also really thick as well.
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this pic might be better i dont know
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Lorna, I LOVE your hair cut. I would not change that at all. I think it is really flattering to your face shape and features and if you need a pick me up just get some face framing highlights or something. Seriosuly, I LOVE your haircut.

If you are really daring, I have always thought you would look good with strawberry blonde hair too, blonde is PERFECT but for a change.
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i had that colour before, i dont think i wanna change colour yet, ive had some major disasters lol i was brunette for like 2 years and then this silly hairdresser bleached my hair and it was orange for ages
i may get some high lights at some point, ive just had this cut for about 2 years and am bored lol, maybe i should just get some more layers ?
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How about some shorter layers in the back at the crown to give you some lift? With your wave and curl you can really make that look different even with a flat iron you'd have lift if your hair is really thick.

I just really like your cut. If I had thick hair I'd be all over it.
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yeh ok, il ask for some shorter layers that makes it also look longer doesnt it?
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Couldn't say. I have had long almost one length hair for like 15 years. LOL I suppose it is I who needs a change.

I guess it would appear longer especialy since you have thick hair.
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Lorna, your hair is so pretty!

Definitely do the layering & for some contrast maybe some subtle low-lites? Like thin darker brown peek-a-boos from underneath the layers to change it up a little?
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short inverted layered bob. Like Jenny McCarthy (sp?). I LOVE that cut and it would mean you could keep the great side bang you have. It's my fav cut of 07 thus far
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I really love your haircut too! So I agree with Poohbaby, keep it!

That was the haircut I was going for before this crazy stylist cut my chopped my hair into too-short layers. Your hair 'falls' perfectly in those pictures.

If you really want to change it, maybe just shorten the bottom layers a bit so that the longest part of your hair goes just past your sholders. If you kinda squint you can almost see what your hair would be like if it had the same shape but was just another 3-4 inches shorter!

BTW you are super super pretty!
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How about soft sideswept fringe? I think that would be cute since you already have your hair parted on the side.
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I think your hair is totally cute as is! I know you don't want to change the color but I think a couple of chunky highlights can spice things up.
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