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My new LV purse- pics

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I wanted a damier lv purse so bad, so I just got this one. It's used, but new to me The style is called Triana. What do you think?

I like the way it is very structured but I typically carry shoulder bags so it will take some getting used to a hand held one.

My addictions are getting cyclical:
purses -> jewelry -> jeans -> purses....

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It's beautiful! Congrats on your new purchase. I'm also planning to add a damier style to my LV collection.
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Love the 7FAMs too!!!!
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what a gorgeous bag! i love the damier canvas!
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yeah, I love damier too. I have one and love them. Too bad my bf paid retail for them *gasp*...hahha
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i think i have that top hehe. and i love the purse! i think my bf mom has that one!
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Originally Posted by smalls View Post

My addictions are getting cyclical:
purses -> jewelry -> jeans -> purses....
im kicking myself too!

that is a beautiful purse! i've been going back and forth on whether to get the duomo or ribera on the damier line. of course the latter being cheaper. but you're right about getting used to handheld purses. it amazes me how some people can fit speedys over their shoulders.
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thanks everyone!

aquablueness- the shirt's from gap. lol- I went into my closet and grabbed the first white shirt I saw since I thought it made the damier stand out more.

em_aye_y- those are both beautiful purses that you are considering. I actually really wanted a saleya, but then I found this purse for a great price on ebay so I decided to go for it. I can't imagine fitting a speedy over my shoulder. When I first got this bag in the mail I tried to sqeeze it over my shoulder, but there was no way...
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that is a GORGEOUS purse
i love the style and it totally suits you!!
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very cute! and professional looking.
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love damier (i have a speedy) and love that bag! congrats! doesnt look used at all from the pics
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thanks all!

mmmich- I was so suprised of how good it looks since according to the date code the bag's 7 years old. Either the previous owner didn't use it much or damier holds up amazingly. I was very pleased.
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I love LV and have a mono Deauville that I LOVE. I had never seen a LV from the Damier line I really liked until I saw yours! It's GORGEOUS and you look great carrying it!

GREAT choice!
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gorgeous bag u got there. lucky gurl!
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Wow, that is beautiful. I am liking LV more and more lately.......I like the structure of that one. Great for all seasons and occasions!
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