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Exercise/Diet plan

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I know there are a lot of great health gurus on here, and I'm wondering if you all can look over my current exercise and diet plan for the summer. I'm looking to loose about 25 pounds from now (May) to September. I gained 10 pounds during the school year, so I'm really only looking to loose that +15 (mostly to get into shape for sports and fencing for next year).

Yoga (90 minutes) 3x week

June-mid / July:
1 to 2 hours swimming 5x week
30-60mins Yoga/Gym 2-3x week

mid-July / August:
1 hour gym 5x week
+ (hopefully) yoga classes

Diet is changing from junk food/garbage to fruits and veggies (mostly- I don't eat red meat or fish, and I really only care for grilled chicken). Nothing paticularly special about the diet I suppose.

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25 real pounds ( not water weight) in that short of a span of time is a pretty lofty goal.

You would have to be absolutley religious about eating properly, and at specific times

If you need any help or have any questions, drop me a pm
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Thanks. I'm hoping to drop down to make the fencing team so that should be great motivation. 4 months seems like a long time to me, but I suppose it is going to be challenging.
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it's a little vague ... what do ya do at the gym?
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^ Mostly because I'm not sure of the specifics. I don't know when my swim team will be meeting or the yoga class schedule. Gym is mostly cardio (elliptical / treadmill), and weight training.
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