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choose me some shoes ..

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Dr. Martens Jed 7 Eye BS Lace Black Powder (11468001) - 11468001

Asics Men's Runspark Shoe - Free Shipping

ASICS Revolveā„¢ (Black/White) - ASICS Men's Footwear Collection

if anyone can find me a pair of diesel "auriga" inblack / elder (size9) or even a pair of diesel "wish" in black / black (size 9) i would be forever in your debt ..

thoughts? concerns?
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#2...#3 if u could find some in a more original color scheme
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I was gonna make a post on Auriga myself since i have a pair i love em. I bought another one on Ebay but it was a size 9 and i got it for 40 shipped brand new so you might wanna try your luck there. Have you considered Diesel Remy yet?
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no samba love?
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I also like 2 & 3
but 2 is my favorite
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22222222 I want a pair.
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Maybe a dumb question, but do you plan to wear these with jeans?

If yes, then I'd say number 1. I personally don't like tennis shoes (i.e. asics, puma, nikes, etc) pair with jeans, so maybe I'm of no help here. I like a pair of casual but nice black or brown dress shoe with jeans.
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i think i'm going to go with # 1 if i don't find some Aurigas on Ebay soon .. i'm surprised more people didn't pick this one .. as much as i enjoy the Asics (and will likely pick up # 3 in the near future) they just don't get me moving ..

the docs kinda remind me of my favorite brown shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction Cap Dance) ..

anyone wanna make a suggestion? stylish black casual shoes .. nothing i can wear to work
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i like number 3 as well
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i like 1 the best. then 3, then 2.
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