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Smashbox at Costco

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I just picked up a set today for $28.99. It had a highlighter, 3 shadows, a kabuki brush, 1 chubby lipliner, and a compact with two glosses. Not bad, considering the higlighter is $28 retail.

They are last spring's colors, but as the focus was sunkissed, it really isn't out of style.
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That kabuki brush retails for $60 CAD at the Sephora here.
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great deal!! too bad I don't belong to costco anymore...
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Is this Costco in Canada or in the States. I used to work at Costco and we never got any smashbox in
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I see them get high end stuff accoasionally. there doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason though, so I always check. Oh and I got it in the US
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i don't belong to costco either, but this is a GREAT deal. i might have one of my friends see if they have it.
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Did they have anything else, like single items? I'm not a makeup junkie so I don't have any use for that whole set.
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umm, I think they have a gloss set, or at least they used to. I will look next time I am there in a few days.
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the costcos in canada never has anything good like that. oh well, i'm not a member anymore anyways.
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Originally Posted by kenics View Post
umm, I think they have a gloss set, or at least they used to. I will look next time I am there in a few days.
I love lipgloss so I'd be interested in that if it was available. Please let me know if you see it. Thanks!
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no prob
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wow! what a great deal. i've bought two smashbox set and they were both around $80 each. i got them off nordstrom site.
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Kenics.....Have you used it yet? What did you think of it?? I saw this at my costco too.....I'm wondering how the brush feels...
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That is an awesome deal. The brush is worth more then the entire set combined.
I love just about every single product they produce. Their lipgloss is my favorite though. Wish that there was a Costco by me

Has anyone tried their new foundation, High Definition Healthy Fx Foundation ? I'm considering purchasing it but would appreciate getting a few opinions of it first.
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