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I just bought this!!!

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what does everyone think? of course i'll post pics when i get it... i'm just too so excited!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Heidi (Camo) - Marc by Marc Jacobs Handbags

and i got it for $315 shipped shince they price matched eluxury's price
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adorable! and thats a GREAT price!
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I like it a lot.
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Very very cute! Congrats on your new bag!
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big bags are the shit! yeayy!!!
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so it came today while i was home during my lunch hour... i frantically opened the box... and out came this GORGEOUS but big bag! but i took the stuffing out and put my stuff in the bag and it was still HUGE!! i couldn't believe how ginormous the purse was. so i sadly packed it back up and im going to return it this afternoon. i already have one large bag that i carry with me all the time, so i didn't need a second. i wish it just right, but it wasn't
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aww! im sorry to hear that. but yeah.. the heidi is pretty big. i have the turnlock bowler and i think it's the perfect size! you should look into getting one if you like the turnlock line.
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heartfelt- i love the turnlock line... the only problem is i have to order it online since no stores in st louis carry mbymj handbags... do you have a link for the bag?
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aww i just looked on zappos and it looks like it's sold out.

it looks like this:
Marc by Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Bowler - Top Zip

but the posh bowler is pretty similar and i just tried it on a couple of weeks ago the leather is SO soft. softer than my turnlock bowler.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Turnlock Posh Bowler - Shoes & Handbags - Bloomingdales.com

if you have a bloomingdales nearby it's FF weekend so you can get 20% off.
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thanks heartfelt! those bags are definately a little smaller and would work better for me
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