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my new mj! HOORAY<3 !

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i just wanted to share with you all my new love, the marc jacobs large multipocket in rose quartz. i love her so so so much more than i thought i would. i love the large size--i used to have a small gold multipocket but it just seemed too small for my liking. also--the reddish pink suede lining is so soft and the multi is so much lighter than my blake! phew. i also got a good deal on her so more of a reason to love her unconditionally! hehe.

i have an insane love for mj. nearly every bag in my collection is either mj or m by mj. i always gravitate towards marc jacobs for some reason.

here she is!

excuse the messy background! =/
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That's such a pretty shade of pink! Congrats!
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that MJ is stunning. i want to get one toooooooo!!! it's lovely. hope you don't mind me asking but how much did you steal it for? and where at? i'm planning to hopefully pick one up at nordies rack.
the color is very very pretty. and it looks great on you. your gravitational senses are in the right place!
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Congratulations!!!! The bag is gorgeous
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Ooooohhhhh, so pretty. I love pink.
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That's a great color!
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I love the color and the bag is very cute
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I love MJ bags, but most of them are so heavy! Like that pink too!
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thanks girls! i really love it. i took her out this weekend for the first time. yay! mj bags are pretty heavy but ive gotten used to carrying them. all the collection bags are really heavy so whenever im carrying mbymj i surprised at how light it is.

aquablueness-- i bought it on ebay and i got it for 170ish shipped. really great deal imo since it retails for 1200. it is slightly used but i think it's in great condition. i heard about the influx of mjs at nordies rack. which one are you thinking of getting? i know there were alot of berry venetias, multipockets, denim multipockets, and a couple of berry blakes. i highly suggest the blake if you can get your hands on it simply because i think its gorgeous and the 3 compartments are really functional. i have it in tapioca and i love it. i also really love the denim multipocket because of the color. its so pretty!
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^^ i wouldn't know what to get! i'd go crazy probably because i haven't saw mj there for a while. might tempt me to even go today. 170!? no way! way to go. It doesn't look very used at all. They kept it in good condition? I'll keep in mind the blake i always love recommendations. Thankkks.
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That's a gorgeous bag and you wear it really well.
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Gorgeous. MJ is my fave as well
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great color! congrats!
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that is a beautiful bag!!
what a gorgeous color
congrats on the good deal
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Very cute! Love the color!
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