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Two Questions for skin

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1st what's a really good face moisturizer? I'm half Italian and half Welsh and literally am HALF because parts of my face are oily while others are very dry (like my forehead) and i've been meaning to buy a really good moisturizer and i was just wondering what other people use? any suggestions?


2nd Has anyone here ever used a self tanner? I thought about it becuase i dont want to ruin my skin but who doesnt love a good tan!?! Is St. Tropez any good? Does anyone have any applying tips?

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I use Cetafil (sp?) and looove it. It's super cheap and I buy it by the GALLON. Super nice for sensitive skin.
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really? where do u get it? i dont believe i've ever heard of it!
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Jk, it's called "Cetaphil" it's wonderfull stuff. It's mositurizer with no frills. No dies or perfumes or anything like that. I think you can get it at just about any drugstore, it's a white bottle with a light green label. Get the really big bottle with the nozzle top, it's more expensive but lasts foooorever! I like it because I can slather it on and not worry about price or aggrivating my skin.

About the instant tanners- why use it? I love being pale, I think it's exceptionally beautiful. I got over my "wanting to be tan" stage. It's rather nice, actually, but my skin is more "shockingly pale/porcelin" (sp I know).
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really i will def have to find some of that!

as for the self tanners.. i'm not ever pale really i'm a very olive tonned girl and i like the tan look... just don't want to ruin my skin... this would be a safer route! a little colour is always nice! some pople look beautiful pale my firend cassie is GORGEOUS and she's got the fairest skin colour, very much like you say yours is. I look awkward i dont have the right features too dark
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St. Tropez has good products. I recently started using fake bake on my face and it works good too.
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yea i'm just worried i wont apply stuff correctly lol
if yah see a girl w/ orange self tanning spots everywhere she's porbably me! haha

^ and u live in NC!? that's pretty cool i'm heading to Raleigh in about 3 weeks then driving to Wilmington! i'm pretty excited!
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i love using jojoba oil. nice and simple. as for fake tan i dont bother anymore. havent for a long time. they all take too much effort. embrace the pale!
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Whoa, small world, I'm from NC too!
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really! wow where about? that's soo freakin cool

i like to look tan but a real tan is just sooo bad for u poo
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I've been using Loreal Sublime wipes for the past month and I love them! As long as you wipe your hands after using it you don't turn orange at all. There are some threads around here about tanning. Someone else suggested it and it's great! I use it like twice a week.
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