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Converse sizing?

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I want to order these Jack Purcells from Zappos but I'm unsure of what size to get. I was hoping I could get away with ordering a kids size...I can fit a sz 6 in kids new balance. I have a pair of diesels that are a 6.5 and my speedcats are a 7. Should I order a 5.5 or 6 in these? Thanks!

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i luvvvv Jack Purcells. what color??
hmm...i think the Jack Purcells run tts...i usually wear a 7.5 but i wear a 7 in them (could fit a 7.5). hope this helps any
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Make sure they are in womens sizes. I feel like they only come in mens sizes. If they are in mens, order 2 sizes down. If they are in womens, I would order a half size down from your regular size.
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I ordered the kiddies size 6 & they were HUGE! Turns out they were a 38.5...I need a 37.5...good thing for zappos free return shipping!
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LOL, thanks for letting me know how it runs. now that you found out! yeah, good thing they do have free return shipping.
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