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Anyone do yoga? Questions and such....

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Ok. I will admit, I have not exercised as much as I should in the past year. I am very motivated to eat better, drink more water, and exercise more. I also, can really feel the stress of my busy schedule and dangerous job lately. My back aches, my chest feels heavy. I need release!!! I was told that yoga would be really great for me. My question; I have never done yoga before...would I benefit more from a class or watching a yoga dvd? I really want to get started.

I feel so unhealthy, tired and just stressed. I want to feel like me again.
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Before starting a yoga class I bought a yoga dvd, which came with blocks and an aerobic ball. I probably only watched the dvd twice and got lazy. If you have time and want to be consistent, I'd join a yoga class. I definitely got more benefit out of the class hah. I looove yoga, though! After one class my body feels less tense, and I just feel more relieved.
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you might want to watch a dvd first to get used to the language a bit. some of the basic poses you can prob pick up real quick and become familiar with their names at least.

but yeah i agree with vintagelace, classes are a great place to become consistent in your practice and get advice on your form from more experienced yogis

good luck!
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Definitely a class first. If you do it from a DVD, your form will be off and you could hurt yourself. Go to an intro class or at LEAST a hatha yoga class, and tell the instructor you are new. The instructor should help guide your form.
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I agree with Rivkah, definitely a class first so you learn yow it feels when you are performing an asana correctly. Most of us are pretty unbalanced to begin with. When I first started my left hand was hanging 3 inches below my right because I used to lean to the left to counterbalance having a big purse on my right shoulder. Point is, it's hard to know whether or not you are standing straight because most of us don't know what it feels like.

I love yoga, couldn't live without it. Afterwards I feel exhilarated, limber and happier. Just full of energy. Been taking Ashtanga Yoga classes for 4 years now.
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I do yoga and I love it. I would definitely do a class, so you're in more of a routine.There are a lot of yoga practices such as hatam and Ashtanga, so I would definitely research the classes first or call a yoga studio. I go once a week b/c it's really hard for me to practice @ home b/c I am usually tired from school. Yoga will definitely help you relax. If you feel stressed, I would recommend a meditation clas. That will help you feel calmer.
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oh poor you. you're getting yourself into something so fabulous if you're really going to do yoga. i did it one time as part of my summer dance class and it was FABULOUS. i mean, i wasn't stressed in the first place but it's just so LAX in the first place and it will just take your mind away from everything. i suggest that you go take the class, don't do the videos if you're not really a self-motivated person. maybe even take the class with a friend or partner, whichever you like. good luck with pursuing this. your body/mind will be in great shape if you devote your time to it. hope you feel better!
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Again, I vote for the class. I get so much more from an instructor who can see you- and see what you are doing. They will encourage and guide you into becoming amazingly fit, limber, and stress free. My husband tells me he knows when I have gone to yoga, and when I have not, simply based on my mood. My body has gotten so strong- and super lean, and my favorite part is that it does not even feel like "exercise". I used to feel like I was enduring a punishment by exercising. Treadmill, stairmaster, etc. Yuk! It was such work to me. (I know some will not agree with that) Yoga just feels good!! Sorry for this rant, I just want you to try it!!
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^^every word you have said i second!
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Thank you guys so much for your responses! I am so excited and really think this will be a wonderful thing for me. I can really feel the stress on my body lately and know that it is very unhealthy. I am trying to really make some positive changes in my life because this stress is not only affecting me but my husband and child. Thanks again! I will take the class!
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