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Look at my new BABEE!

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The Louis Vuitton Riveting Bag. Oh, how I love thee.

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O Z! You have such nice LV collection! I still remember those boots and other bags that you posted from before! I love the size of this bag! Perfect for anything!
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GORGEOUS!!! i loveeeeeeee it!
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wow it is such a beautiful bag! congrats!
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What a beautiful bag! Congrats!
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That bag is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! Congrats!
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Very Nice. Did you just buy it today. So jealous!!!
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Thanks Y'all. I just love that bag. Actually I got it about a week ago, but just getting around to show it off.
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That is so pretty. Can you carry it on your shoulder?
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Omg Congrats!!! It's so beautiful.
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Wow, that is gorgeous, and I usually am not a fan of LV.
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That's just beautiful!
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wow i love it.
i want oneeee!
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Gorgeous! Congrats on the AWESOME bag!
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I WANT ONE!!! My husband and I were in LV here last week and they told us they couldn't get it. I came home with the rivetting pochette instead and ended up returning it.
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