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It's in peacock, a bluish-greenish color, with black.
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Actually the base color is a dark navy blue with green/teal overprint. The reverse color is a slightly lighter version of the green/teal overprint.

Pics from my personal collection:

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^I love it!
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that's a nice, subtle pattern. I think I like it
Thanks 2V for that update.
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That's kinda nice... not the "loud" pattern!! =D
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wow pretty!!
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Whats the biggest size Lulu hoodies come in?
I want one but I like big, and I want the biggest they make
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12- I used to wear that size when I was 200 pounds, wearing 38D bras and size 32-33 jeans. Lulu hoodies tend to be more tighter on the chest but lately, they have been running bigger than in the past imo
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Remix are bigger than the normal scuba hoodie so for biggest, go 12 in Remix. It wouldn't be huge though.
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thanks guys
My biggest problem is my ribcage/boob area.
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The biggest size is a 14, but it depends if they have it at that time. The remix styles run one size bigger than the original scubas.
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Kelly your going to die when you start with these
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hah! Everytime I go to Toronto I "say" that I'm going to get some LULU but I never actaully find the store.
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I got my mom wearing lulu hoodies now. Yesterday she bought a herringbone one. She also joined HF awhile back but has never posted I have to show her how to post on thanksgiving weekend.
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New pattern out again.. It reminds me of the Coast Emerald Stream but in different colours.

eBay.ca: New Release Lululemon Scuba Remix Reversible Hoodie 6 (item 270175317523 end time 18-Oct-07 00:40:15 EDT)

You guys likey? I'm not a huge fan.
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i'm on the fence with this one. i like the pattern, but it seems kinda of aloha california girl to me.
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ick. I don't like the maroonish color.
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I kinda like that one actually, but not on me
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i wish the sleeves on scubas weren't insanely long.
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neh dont really like that one it reminds me of paisley which i hate
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This is the Emerald Stream Coast Remix v. 2. I'm slightly wary of this auction/seller... Has anyone seen this style in stores?

Lululemon*Remix RVRS Hoodie Coast/Stream Floral Print - (eBay item 320170463148 end time Oct-24-07 14:44:58 PDT)

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ohhhhh i like the Emeral Extreme Coast Remix!! love =D
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OMG, I absolutely LOOOVVVEEE that! I'm going to check it out tomorrow.
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