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My issue is that I think I'm broad across the shoulders so the white horizontal pattern is what I didn't like. I agree the black bottom band is slimming. I just didn't like the horizontal nature of the pattern...It is super cute though.
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Um, do you guys want to hear something redunkulous? I currently have 25 Lulu hoodies in my closet.
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Wow, just for yourself or waiting to be sold?
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2venus -you make me feel so much better. I have 13 and think that I'm completely insane. Combining my other Lulu jackets (3 shape jacket, new Om Jacket, Instructor jacket, 2 Tile jackets, etc.) I'm probably close to you.
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omg that is soooooooooo many hoodies!!! I have 4 and I feel guilty!!!
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I have 3 scuba hoodies and 1 some hoodie jacket; whew! =D
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there is apparently a new one out?
anybody seen it/have a pic?

also, anybody seen the black/tweed yoga pants? i'm curious to know what they look like.
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Fox/Herringbone/Serene is brown with a subtle pattern in it. You actually can't really even see the pattern unless you look very close. The reverse colour is kind of a moss green.
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I got my reverse heart scuba today, and I am in LOVE! I actually love this one more than the Paddington..
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Originally Posted by Tonepone View Post
I got my reverse heart scuba today, and I am in LOVE! I actually love this one more than the Paddington..
wanna sell me your paddington
hee hee i kid, i know you love it.

i'm really curious to see what else they come out with and how long the le hoodie craze can last.

thanks for letting me know jeangirl3!
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Thank god I'm not the only one updating this thread. I always feel like no one really cares. :shame:

I'm not really sure if this one is LE. I saW it last night but it looks ilke the regular reversible hoodies that aren't produced in limited quantities.

PS: What herringbone? I see no print.

I think the Bape inspired stuff will keep coming out. I like it though.

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As I said, the herringbone is almost impossible to see. If you look really closely in person, you can see some thin black lines on the brown. However, I think it would be impossible to see on a photo. I tried it on on Sunday, and when it was on, you couldn't see the pattern at all on the hoodie. The reversible aspect was nice and the colour was pretty -although I think I would have preferred a more teal blue rather than mossy blue/green.

2venus -we all care about Lulu hoodies around here. As I said earlier, I have 14 now (I caved and bought the heart one even though I think it makes my boobs look big -too much info, I know). Keep the hoodie thread going!!!!!
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So last weekend I saw this new hoodie at the store. Oh, this one:

NWT Lululemon Reverse Scuba Hoodie Coast/Stream Size 6! - (eBay item 270160615575 end time Sep-05-07 23:36:31 PDT)

I'm not sure how I feel. It seems too dark for me... or maybe I'm just too conservative... =/
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I don't think I like it. Has anyone seen the new Rainbow Remix hoodie. I got an e-mail from Lulu yesterday saying it was a new product.
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Humm I'm not really feeling ANY of those.... Maybe I'm lulu'ed out
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I think I'm back to more of the solid colors... no more wild designs for me.
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I just have a bright yellow scuba and a chateau design scuba

I have a candy pink scuba i plan to sell along with a lulu jacket
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i love the new peacock coloured one!
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Same, but if you saw it two weeks ago I doubt it's even in stores anymore.
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Scratch that, I went to the Eaton Centre yesterday and they were still well stocked. I bought the last size 2 though.
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Ooh, let's see pics!! ^^
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^ Check eBay for "Lululemon Coast"

New pattern again... Rainbow with Stripes

Lululemon Rvrs Remix Hoodie Size 4 Limited Edition RBWS - (eBay item 250161757004 end time Sep-09-07 14:19:46 PDT)

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^ saw it yesterday in Calgary (I'm sorry I forgot to post!!!). I really didn't like it. In case you can't tell..its' brown, black, mint green and pink. Its a reversable hoodies too (I think it's just white-ish on the inside? I dunno I didn't like it so I didn't pay too much attention)
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^ I tried on that hoodie in Edmonton and it looked terrible on me
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Meh, I don't really like the stripes either, but the Coast version is so sweet! Is it black or dark blue?
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