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dark knees.. :(

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hi, everyone
this problem has been bugging me for sooooooooooo many years it's ridiculous...

i have dark knees and that always prevents me from wearing any type of skirts or crops that show my knees..
i have no idea why i have this..i mean..i exfoliate often!! :X and i always take a shower (well, duh)!!!!

does anyone know how i can get rid of this darkness??
i tried putting lemons on them before cuz someone told me to but it never worked
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are you asian, african american or south asian? i know it's common for a lot of women with yellow or darker pigmentation to have darken pigmentation at the knees and/or elbows and other joints (knuckles, ankle bones, etc.). if so, it's not really something you can fix.

if not, maybe try "whitening" creams. don't worry, they won't actually bleach out your skin, but can even out the tone of your skin so your darker knees are not as noticeable over time.
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i'm asian.. specifically, korean

do you recommend certain types/brands of whitening creams??
thanks so much for you help!
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i have heard that the L'Oreal "White Perfect" line works really well according to the MUA reviews but I think it's only available in Asian? It seems to have lightened my face slightly, but I use it on and off so I might just be imagining it because I do still have some splotchiness.
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i used to have it when i was younger too but i just exfoliate and shave regularly and it went away. maybe it was a buildup of skin. also, i find that tanning a little bit helped too. all even now.
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thanks for your help, girls!!
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try using borax
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lol :P
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