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Awesome book and website on IBS

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So, I did a search and there weren't many threads on IBS....but still, I thought I'd post this info!

I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome last summer (I've had symptoms for a long time though), but wasn't really sure what to do about it. I did some research, and found a website.


The woman who created the website wrote a book with tons of recipes and info on what are common trigger foods/drinks, and what is "safe". Also, she has a fiber she sells called acacia fiber - so great! It's a soluble fiber, which is the ONLY type of fiber people suffering from IBS should be taking.

Anyway, just thought I'd share this great info with anyone who suffers from IBS like me!
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Good site, the best part is the part about diagnosing IBS and ruling out other bowel dysfunctions. It is excellent to note that though many people are diagnosed with IBS, they actually suffer from one of the many other bowel problems listed on this site, such a food allergies, bacterial infections and imbalances, etc.

I agree that diet is key. Changing your diet can alleviate a wide range of medical issues.

Thanks for sharing!
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Just FYI I've had IBS for a long time and I've tried EVERYTHING. It runs in the fam. But a year ago I was introduced to Pepogest (peppermint oil capsuls by Nature's Way), and I swear by them. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone with IBS at least try them, any healthfood store should carry them. They've been a miracle for me.
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Thanks both bjmommy and Liv1415 for the suggestions. I've tried everything it feels like so it won't hurt trying some more
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The peppermint oil pills also worked for my mom and two of my aunts who also have IBS. They work so well because the coating is designed not to melt away until they reach the intestines. It was scary for me to just "trust" the pills and stop taking anything else I had been taking for IBS, but they work! I don't think anyone who doesn't have IBS can understand what a big deal it is. If Pepogest does work for you, this link has them for 1/2 price what you can get them at the healthfood store for.

Pepogest - Peppermint Oil from NATURE'S WAY on sale. Find information about NATURE'S WAY
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Sorry to threadcrap... but since this seems to be a meeting of the minds for IBS...

I was diagnosed when I was in middle or high school... and my doctor prescribed some pills... which I stopped taking because I didn't think anything was wrong with me...

so I guess my question is: how do I know if I was properly diagnosed [I have some of the symptoms, but not all, and I certainly lack the painful cramps] and if I really do have IBS, should I go back to the doctor or follow home remedies?
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Well, IBS is really medical lingo for "there's something wrong with your digestive system, but we don't know what, so we're going to try and treat it with a bunch of stuff to see what works for you." UG, yeah, modern medicine only knows so much. However, I would still definitely recommend going to the doctor to rule out bad things such as cancer, ulcers, etc. Then I would keep trying remedies until you find something that works for you. Sorry, this probably didn't help you very much.
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hahha A for effort! I have to go back soon anyways, I guess I'll bring it up [although my dr. looks like a young david hasslehoff... so it might be a little difficult]
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I think the cramps are very significant for IBS so check the next time you go to the doctor so that it's not something else. When I start cramping I just want to lie down on the floor and die...
I'm so annoyed that they don't spend more money and effort to finding a relief/medecine for IBS. It seems to be going so sloooow. Last time I was at the doctors they sad that I should check again in 5 years (!) cause maybe then there'll be something! So depressing to hear...
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My main "cramping" feeling was like a bunch of air squeezed in a tight space, trying to push through.....so it wasn't so much like diarrhea (although I get that too!!) cramps, but they were def. cramps! In the book, it talks about "wanting to die" cramps.....I've never had them THAT bad.....but definitely worse cramps than the normal person. Yeah, I'd just go to the Dr. again Ksedmonds......Even if he is a hottie If he's a good Dr., he'll ignore how embarrassing it may be and just treat you like a patient.
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