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about cole-haan shoes

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I have a pair of cole-haan shoes,

and I am trying to get another one from e-bay...

You say if I buy one from e-bay, it'll be pretty much fake right???

eBay: COLE HAAN AIR ESTADIO STRAP AUTHENTIC NIB NR (item 140106877214 end time Apr-15-07 09:00:00 PDT)

this is the one with nike air on the shoes;;;

If anyone know how to tell if this pair of shoes are authentic or if this is an authentic pair

le me know thx!
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I think those look good, I don't think that this style of shoe is faked. Not sure if Cole Haan shoes are faked at all.
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real... cole haan shoes are seldom faked... replicated, but not faked
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