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flawless look

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any recommendations on getting a flawless face look???
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....start with a 100% flawless face?

...or a professional makeup artist?

what do you mean by "flawless"? like every little imperfection is covered up and every bad spot is contoured so if looks like you have a perfect face?
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take care of your skin, get facials or exfoliate regulary (not recommended if you break out alot) concealer, not too much powder because it cakes up, a little blush
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i was leaning more towards a facial firming serum?
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oooh. you look pretty young in your avatar..do you really need that?
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sorta.. i'm starting to develop lines under my eyes =(
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hmm i've never thought about firming creams and stuff. just wash and lotion my face twice a day and exfoliate once a week. staying out of the sun is good too. sorry i'm of no help. lol.
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Laura Mercier's concept is flawless. I had heard about it for years and last year bought her primer and tinted foundation. I have been very pleased with it. Course with bags and what not, you are going to need to learn to be handy with concealer and all that.
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