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Poly, Lycra, Elastane oh my!

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could help clarify for me any differences these materials have on the overall fit/feel of certain SFAM jeans.

I'm looking at purchasing some Dojos, and I have no idea if there really is a difference between the poly, lycra or elastane blends in the denim. I have only tried on Dojos (darker faded black denim) with the lycra blend in a size 27 (they fit perfect in the store, but I'm not sure how much they will stretch out given it's a lycra blend).

I love the feel of the heavier denim that I found in the lycra blends of the flynts, nyd bootcut etc.

I never realized how wonderful SFAM jeans were until I tried them on a couple of weeks ago at the urging of some of my friends. Now, I just want to replace all my old jeans with this awesome brand (and probably go broke in the process unless I can find some great deals).

Any help would be awesome.

Thanks so much in advance
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all of those are different kinds of stretch. i have jeans with all 3 of those blends in them. I find that the lycra is the most comfiest. they stretch out with wear, but over all, not a ton. The polyurethane stretchese out more than the lycra, in my opinion. THe elastane is also comfortable and stretches out just a little bit.
I like all three blends.
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Good question! I have a few pairs... I'd have to look up the blend.

Another ?... Which blend do you find to "wear" faster? As in butt/knee fuzzies, etc?
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I agree with Jen. I find lycra to be the most comfortable, stretchiest on-but hold it's shape well, and is softest blend. Polyurethane stretches, but I find it doesn't spring back as much as the lycra. I don't have any SFAM with elastane, but I do in R&R and I don't find it stretches as much as the others.
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Thanks for your responses everyone!

I think I might invest in some nice lycra blend jeans then.....perhaps dojos or the mercer bootcut.
I just received a pair of flynts I bought from ebay with the poly blend. I foolishly bought my true size, so yah, they're quite big.

Oh well, I'm sure I'll acquire more

This forum is fantastic. I'm glad to have stumbled upon it.
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i prefer lycra as well. the ones i have with lycra just feel softer than the other ones.
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Lycra gives more than polyurethane and are definitely more comfy. I've never owned a pair of sfam with elastane though.
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My Two favorite pairs ( niagra a's and china flynts) are made with the lycra blend. They don't stretch out too much and conform to my body, definitely the best!
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yah, I'm kinda thrown off by the elastane.

On one of my many procrastination sessions I was trying to look up anything that would indicate the diff btw lycra and elastane (I know someone had posted something in this forum about elastane being synonymous with Lycra).

Anyways, apparently lycra is a 'brand' of elastane. So, I don't know what 'just' elastane as fabric is for SFAM (a cheaper or diff brand of lycra, or there may be no diff at all) It would be interesting to know.

But I'm glad to know that lycra keeps its shape pretty nicely. That's encouraging to hear.

Thanks everyone for your opinions!
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