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How long should it take a priority mail package to get from the USA/NJ to the UK?

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I have a buyer who paid on 4/1 and I shipped last Monday, 4/2. They haven't received it yet. How long does it typically take for a USPS Global Priority Mail package to get to the UK?

I know that Canada can be slow with customs but not sure about the United Kingdom. THanks!
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I don't know, but I used Global Priority Mail to ship a pair of jeans to Belgium and it's been over 4 weeks and nothing! I think GPM is the worst way to ship overseas, bar none. Especially since you can't track it.
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i usually get packages shipped from the US-UK within 7 working days. It hardly ever goes beyond that except during busy times e.g xmas or when its held up by customs due to charges.. i've had some held for 2-3 weeks before receiving a 'charge' card from the PO
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how did you mark/value the item?..

its still early yet.. I'd say tell the buyer to hang in there and wait awhile more..
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could be held in customs, normaly takes between 5 - 10 days for me from new jersey.
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Thanks! I usually mark items around $25-40. I sent out alot that week though so I don't remember EXACTLY what I put down for the value...
These were expensive too... $200 (crystal crowns).
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Something is up w/ USPS. A girl from florida shipped me a pair of jeans on the 5th of this month to me in Pennsylvania (same side of the US, as you all know) and I just got the jeans TODAY, the 12th. They were mailed priority....
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I've shipped to the UK and the jeans arrived in less than a week. AMAZING.
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you really should use express mail to ship overseas. and don't undervalue the item, its illegal and if something happens you are screwed in terms of recouping your losses via the included insurance.
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I ordered my daughters first communion dress and it took almost 10 days priority mail from California to Ohio Finally got it on the 4th of April
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WEll, it has been 4 weeks and the package hasn't shown up yet. I am getting worried now.
Anyone have any recent experiences like this?
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my guesses is its lost Ive never had a package take that long before, longest for me was 2 and a half weeks.
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I don't understand how packages get lost... unless they get lost into a postal workers backpack/ pocketbook. I keep hoping it is on its way back to me ... maybe I got the address wrong or it got smudged or something????

I have another pair which I was keeping for myself... I might send her those. It just sucks to have to refund $200.
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I got some jeans from someone on here and it did take over 4 weeks to get to me. They were caught up in customs so I'd give it a few more days.
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packages have sometimes taken longer than that for me too...I'd wait a little bit longer and see. I hope it turns up!
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Packages get lost because there are literally hundreds of thousands of them being sent a day. They end up in the wrong place, addresses fall off, etc
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Update: My package has still not made it to the UK. It has been over $45 days. Do I send her a replacement pair as a gesture of good will? They wont be worth what the originals were.....

I am so angry.
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I once had a package sent EMS and the last scan was "left JFK" and it never arrived to the UK either. Shit happens. This is why we purchase insurance and declare the full value on things.
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If it is being shipped through New Jersey it can take up to 6 weeks sometimes more to come through to the uk. Depends on if you know if your package went by boat or plane. USPS has been slow us to UK for us but we are also on a base.
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lol this thread is almost 6 years old

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