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aveda! bought stuff, good?

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i had a gift cert. to blow at a salon so i went in looking to try out dermalogica, since i heard about it so much from here. apparently the salon i went to had decided that dermalogica wasn't exclusive enough and no longer carried it =\ (snobby much?) i don't know if they had more legitimate reasons for not carrying them but thats what i was told.
soo i got some aveda products instead. i know nothing about beauty stuff, the man helping me did quite a few double takes when i told him that i don't use moisturizer, AND didn't brush my hair =D so i let him recommend and then i tossed in a mask. i got purifying gel cleanser ($19), dual nature moisturizer (25), and deep cleansing herbal clay masque (19.50). did he make good suggestions? should i buy something else, or return one of these? i still have 17$ on the gift cert, so whatever actions i should take, i don't want to spend much money out of pocket.
the salon also carries bumble bumble. i didn't see any of that brand but i am only looking for skin care type stuff.
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Aveda is awesome! You will love it! I have the intensive treatment and it makes my hair so amazingly soft and actually repairs the damage. Their line tends to focus on using all natural ingedients, like plant extracts etc, so you'll find it's not heavily loaded with harsh chemicals. Definitely a good choice!

You should try Pureology next...
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Aveda does make really good products. I have never used their skincare products before.
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Yeah Aveda is great, i use their make up and skin products...luv it!!
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Originally Posted by babieejae1101 View Post
Aveda does make really good products. I have never used their skincare products before.
Neither have I, except when I am at the Salon, they give complimentary hand/arm massages w their products, the hand & body creams are wicked.
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i like the mask a lot.. not a big fan of the moisturizer though. it seems too runny, although it absorbs well..
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