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Diesel Cheyenne Jeans

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Hi, i just bought a pair of Diesel jeans from a department store. On the label it says the cut is "Cheyenne". The lable on the front left pocket also says "Diesel Industry Modern Basic". Im just wondering if any1 here could give me some more info on this cut, as i am not able to find much about it online and on this forum. Just want to know maybe what year/season it came out or maybe some1 with a pair could share some pics. Im just kinda susspicious that therse a chance they might be fake, seeing that theres little information about this cut, thanks.
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probably real, but cheyenne is OLD. like mid-late 80's old. they are pretty much outdated and worthless anyway...
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I was there. EEEEEk. They are high rise, relaxed butt, Straight leg. Really old.
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They may be old but 'Cheyenne' are the best jeans I've ever bought, I love the cut they hang really well on the legs especially when worn in. Much better than the distressed look that seems to be so common nowadays, wear them in naturally.
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Would you like to share some worn pics? I've heard a lot of this cut so far, but never really seen pics that show the cut well.
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Ive only just bought em, though 2nd hand they're fairly new. It's gonna take a while!.
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