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I Looove My New Sedu!

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I finally decided to invest in a nice straightener and let me tell you it works amazing! My hair has never felt so smooth or looked so healthy. I used the 20% off coupon from Ulta (it's on their website if you want it) so I got it for 100 bucks!

It literally takes me 5 minutes to straighten my hair now And no more frizzy hair underneath like I used to have!


And After:

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Wow! Total difference! I used to wonder if those high priced ones really worked better.....but I guess you answered my question! Looks great!
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I love mine too! works even better than the Chi
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Your hair looks so silky! Did you get the 1 inch?
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i had my solia stolen, i want to get a sedu on folica.com but they are sooo much more expensive
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I got the 1 1/2 inch.

Kat- if there is an ulta by where you live you can go by today and get one for $100 with the coupon (expires today) or just go online and use the coupon.
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cool thanks, but I don;t know what Ulta is? I'm Canadian..I'll look for it online!
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I love my Sedu so much...they are expensive, but if mine ever broke, I would not hesitate for a minute to shell out the $120 for a new one.
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It looks great! I've never heard of Sedu, I use the T3, spending the extra money is really worth it!
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Originally Posted by krnstarrz View Post
It looks great! I've never heard of Sedu, I use the T3, spending the extra money is really worth it!
Yea I love my t3 never heard of sedu, hmm i wonder why
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I love my Sedu, I have the tourmaline one and I would not hesitate to buy another one. Nothing has ever gotten my hair as smooth and silky as the Sedu. Chi does not even come close.
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i'm shopping for a straightener...i think my roommate's getting sick of my constantly borrowing hers...
I was looking at the T3 when I was at Sephora yesterday but I'll look into Sedu online now
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I haven't tried the Sedu yet but was loyal to the CHI for years.. but now I have a GHD and I absolutely adore it too.. my hair is has never been softer if it ever breaks I will look like the Sedu
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sedu all the way!!!

Abster, you have a great smile!
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BEAUTIFUL! I dont think I could live without my straightener!!
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yep! couldn't live without my straightener either! that's how i feel about my chi!

btw looks good abster! =)
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ahh Julia I love seeing Peter in your av too cute
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love my t3! never heard of sedu either. but for t3 you can get good deals on ebay.
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