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coach outlets??

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i really want a coach purse/wallet but cant really afford to spend $400US on it right now! are there any coach outlets in chicago or new york city? (im from canada but going to be doing a lot of travelling over the summer )
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I think there is one close to NYC, not sure about Chicago.
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if you drive through pittsburgh area to get to NYC which Im not sure if you would (probably not) there is one in grove city
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there's one in NY state..

498 Red Apple Court
Central Valley, NY 10917

it's Woodbury Common Outlets..there's a coach there
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There is one at the Chicago Premium Outlets in Aurora (which is 45 min away from downtown Chicago).

Chicago Premium Outlets
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What are the prices of bags at the outlet. I plan on going to the coach one in Vegas.
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Depends... Sometimes they have GREAT sales- 15 to 40 or 50% off (and this is sometimes even on already reduced merchandise...). And the outlets that I have been to usually have a pretty good selection of bags and accessories.
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