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Coach shoes

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Have they been faked and if so, what should I be looking for (to prove authenticity)? Thinking about getting a pair on Ebay. Thanks!
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i haven't seen any fake ones before. but don't count on me. you could send me the link the the pair you're looking at and i'll help you out if you want.
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I heard that they have been faked, but I'm not sure
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they have been faked
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ps I see coach shoes all day at filenes. you should check it out if you have one nearby
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I think some point u should check out when u r taking any Coach Outlet..



1.Stitching should be uniform.. inconsistant stitching will show it is fake

2.The logo of Coach "C" will never cut anywhere in or out of the product

3.Check the lining of Coach Signature


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