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Keep or Return ?? Choo's

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I kind of splurged on these yesterday and now I'm having my doubts. But I bought them because I think they will go with just about everything. I just want outside opinions since they were spur of the moment..

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Cute! Its a keeper
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cute. i say keep only if you're sure you're gonna wear them
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Definately a keeper. Those are HOT!
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they DO seem like they would go with everything.

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Thanks, I think I have decided to keep em! I havn't found anything else I like that much!
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Those are hot! I have never owned a pair of 'designer' shoes. I bet you feel like a million in them!
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Keep for sure!!!
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KEEP them they are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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are those comfortable??
i've never bought designer shoes before and i was wondering if choo's and blahnik's are worth the price..
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I would keep only if you wore them enough to justify the price.
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Definitely keepers!!
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they are gorgeous!!
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The Choo's seem to be comfortable. I have a few pairs of Prada's though and they really aren't. A couple hours in them and I am done. I can wear my other Choo's all day, and I wore these for about 3 hours and was fine.
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oh really??? that's good....comfort and style
btw, gorgeous choo's
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very VERY cute! I can justify any Manolo's or Jimmy Choo's... they're SO comfortable!
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