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Hemming Zathan 70Cs

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So i got my Zathan 70Cs from yoox, and the fit is super amazing (at least for now before they stretch out like a biotch). Anyways, they are about an inch and a half to long.

Problem is that i usually wash jeans before hemming them, problem is that washing the 70Cs will destroy the look of the Zathans with the creases. So what should i do? Fold the bottom of the jeans so they dont drag all over the floor?
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The creases are vertical on 70c. After wearing them, they will eventually flatten out no matter what.
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just get them wet and dry them, dont actually wash them

inside out! low to med heat (though i prefer high heat blast)

the creases will come out eventually, but so what?
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You probably should:

(1) simply fold them either up (out or in...is this called the euro-hem or something) and secure it with some sewing threads.
(2) is it possible to "stitch" or "reinforce" the front creases so they don't give out after wash and wear?
(3) or you could simply return them. and find something better.
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Just go ahead and wash them like you planned, sadly in the end, the creases will come out. If you like the creases, you could always iron some back in when you get them back from your tailor. Just take some pics of them before you wash them so that when you iron them, you can try to imitate the creases there originally.

oh and nice pick up on the 70c..it is easily of my more favored washes that I own.
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heres some pics...

i know stupid question, but too loose?
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Looks fine, a tad long if anything.
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i hemmed them and never had any problems with them
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its official, im returning these. they are a little loose right now, but once i wash these, theyre going to be wayyy to loose. (blasted HF) anyone know where i can pickup some 70C's in a 27x32?
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order them from a diesel store
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Smart move If I were you, I'd consider something other than the Zathan 70C. The finish on the wash is nice. The back pocket's hot flashy overly bright design is initially great, but with time it just doesn't seem to have that rad factor anymore.

The Zathan 70C were my first pair of Diesel. They stretch with wear and wash. I sold them and recouped whatever dollars I could. And I do not regret selling them. But I do regret ever buying them. I was ecstatic when I first got them, but even more ecstatic when I was able to part with them.

Plus, based on those posted photos alone, I don't think it is as flattering as it should be even if you decided to size down. Just my take. But obviously you are thrilled about the cut, wash, and pockets I would assume, which is why you're looking for a smaller size.

I still say hang onto the dollars after you return them and locate something better.
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^any suggestions?
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Trouleg 8DD or 8BI or any other Trouleg washes or possibly Shazor and possibly Backler (from that one photo I've seen).

Trouleg 8DD (at the top of my most wanted list, maybe...reason below). They have definitely the smallest bootcut I've tried on in Diesels. They're definitely small bootcuts but has that relative straight leg effect.

I am by no means a veteran or expert on diesel attire, but if you really like the wash on the Zathan 70C but hate the fact that they will expand in the the long/short run, I think you should give the Trouleg 8DD some serious consideration.

Although I am not thrilled about the back pockets on the Trouleg 8DD the wash is fantastically nice. If the "striped" stitched on the back pockets was a dark color, then it would have been a no brainer and a must have.

Note: I'm kind of over the conventional bootcuts (I decided to keep my Zathan 70Z and turned them into a semi-straight leg .... now they're keepers
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Originally Posted by blackcandy3 View Post
order them from a diesel store
do they still have them?
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