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eating chicken feet

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you know the type of chicken feet that you eat at the dim sum place, or you know...it can be prepared in some other kind of way.

Is it good for you? nutritionally? is it fattening? do you know if there's any health benefits?

my mom and some of her coworkers are saying how b/c it has a lot of tendons it's good to prevent wrinkly skin. hmmmm.................
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haha preventing wrinkly skin? never heard of that myth. i know it's pretty fat and cholesterol though, since it's mostly just skin. i used to love it when i was younger, but as i got older the taste of chicken sking started to make me sick an gag. can't handle it anymore. lol
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Mmmmmm I'm not sure if there are any benefits to eating it but it tastes pretty darn good! Duck feet tastes just as good too! I love them!
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Mmmmm, yummy! I can only eat so much though.

But I believe it's not good for you cause well, like you said, it's only skin that you eat.
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ew. that reminds me of the time i was eating at max&ermas and found a chicked foot in my fajitas... havevn't eaten fajitas from there since.
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chicken feet from dim sum place... is so yummy. acutally had a chicken feet x pork (with bit of bone) rice at yum cha today!

i think i get you about the tendon bits... like cus we are eating the feet the ligament whatever it is they say is good, blah blah blah.. imo i dont think it makes that much of a different since its only one tiny feet! but hey i love it!
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HAHA, everyone keeps on commenting about how at the dim sum place the chicken feet is good. But i guess everybody thinks its b.s. about chicken feet being good for you.
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Skin is the largest waste organ in the body<<<<<<<<<<< that there cured me of any chicken skin years ago when my husband said it while I was eating some bbq chicken. It's true.
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My Irish fiance hates any bit of fat or skin on meat.... you should have seen his face when I took him to yum cha for the first time and my mum and dad started nibbling on the chicken's feet. It was years ago and he still isn't over it. heheheh. Gui-los.

Although, in saying that, its about the only thing I won't eat at yum cha... but his face was priceless!
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Yum-cha and gui-los. Ahahahahahaah.

You know you're Asian when you like chicken feet.
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I love chicken and duck feet too, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
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Duck feet? I don't thin I've ever even seen duck feet... webbing and all, eh?
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Originally Posted by NewAddict View Post
I love chicken and duck feet too, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
i think duck feet are good too yummie!

Yogi, hehehehehe what a funny story!!!!! LOL i'd love to see his priceless reaction.
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Hmmmmm duck feet with webbing....so good! I find that duck feet is chewier than chicken, more cartilage I think.
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